December 2015 Energies

Happy December Everyone!

Wow, what a year 2015 has been!  I can’t believe we are in the last month of the year.  Time has flown by, yet it feels like this year has lasted forever in some ways!

November was a big month energetically as we had the 11.11 gateway and the full moon on the 25th.  These were both key dates for us all and our beautiful Mother Earth.  We have released so much this year and made that shift into the New Earth!  We are all still integrating the powerful energies of the full moon and this will continue up until around the 11th December, however we have also completed an ascension cycle, which ended on 30th November, so December is also a fresh energy!

I have been having a number of conversations with Spirit this month about how we can remember more about why we came to Earth at this time and use this information to help us move forward.  I have been reading Dolores Cannon’s ‘Convoluted Universe’ books 4 & 5 recently as I was drawn to read about other people’s experiences.  Dolores talks about moving into the New Earth and that is exactly what we are all doing right now.

Each one of us has shifted into a new vibration!  Mother Earth has also shifted and even though all this may still feel uncomfortable, we need to trust in the process!

I thought I would give us a few questions to ponder to show how much we have shifted, so find a moment and quietly ask yourself the following.  When you look back over 2015:

  1. Have you spoken your truth to others more than you used to?
  2. Have your eating habits changed?  E.g. have you stopped eating certain types of food that are a denser energy?
  3. Have you forgiven yourself or someone else this year?
  4. Have you had any big changes in your life? E.g. moved house, travelled, changed jobs etc.
  5. Have you let something or someone go this year?
  6. Have you loved yourself more?
  7. Do you feel more empowered?

I bet if you answer these questions honestly, you will find that you have moved into a new way of being without even realising it!

The only constant we have is change and everything is evolving so quickly it is sometimes hard to keep up!  The more we raise our vibration;  the more we help the planet and others around us.

When we shift we may have to leave others behind due to our new vibration.  When we speak our truth, others may not like what we have to say.  When we feel empowered and make a decision based on how we know we should live our lives, others may not agree.  So, if  you feel some sadness when looking back over the year that people, things and situations have had to be released, know that it is okay to feel whatever emotions come up.  This is all part of being in the new energy and embracing our true selves!  Change is not always easy and it may take some time and trust to know we have made the right choices, so be kind to you and honour how far you have come.

Ascension is a conscious choice by each of us to evolve and shift!  Spirit has told me that due to the shift in vibration, the energy has opened up for us to remember even more about our paths and also past life lessons that will aid us in this life.   The more we remember the easier it is to trust in this process that is Earth life!

December is a complex energy month as we are still in the process of integration, but at the same time we are in a completely new energy too!  It is being shown to me as layers, the bottom layer is the integration and the top layer is the new energy.  The top layer is starting to slowly absorb the bottom layer, which will end up leaving just one layer – the new energy!  We should start to experience this fully around the 11th Dec, as mentioned earlier.  Then things get interesting!!  I am being shown the energy speeding up and becoming denser, yet lighter at the same time!  See I told you this was complex!!  The denser energy will help to shift any blockages and remove old energies that maybe trapped.  Imagine a bulldozer clearing the path and leaving a few holes along the way.  Then the lighter energies fill this space with positive movement forward and light!  So, then imagine the holes being filled with crystal clear water that turns into a gently flowing stream, which then become a fast flowing river!

I hope you followed that analogy!  Spirit is laughing as I am typing this as they know I am also a little confused!  So, they have tried to explain it further.  These are their words, rather than images!  “Another shift in energy is needed during December and this will happen by a strong energy coming into help clear the debris that has been left behind from the integration process.  The second wave of energy will fill the gaps and help things to flow, however this will also speed things up in the second part of the month and you can expect more of the unexpected!”

I hope one of these descriptions makes sense to you!  December is going to be an interesting month and bring about another shift, so don’t be surprised if you have ascension symptoms this month!  You may also have more vivid dreams, so please pay attention to these as these could be helping you to remember more about your purpose and lessons in previous lives to help with the change.  I know we have been through so much already,  but this is just another part of the process and remember we are all in this together!

Due to this month’s energies, Spirit has guided me to run a specific attunement event and also a very special offer to help us flow through this month with ease and grace!

The next attunement event is on Tuesday 8th December at 7pm UK time to help us remember the past in order to change the future, which is the Light of Lemuria!  The manual is really interesting as there is channelled information all about Lemurian history, which is very good to read to see if feels right to you, it may jog your memory!  It is run by donation, so you choose what you can afford, although a suggested donation is £5 (about $8).  Please click here for more information and to book.

I was also guided to run a very special offer for the first 2 weeks of December (1st – 15th Dec) to help us navigate our way through these energies!  I am giving away a FREE Specific Healing Session (worth £25) when you place an order of £25 or more on Violet-Light.  This is not just a healing session, as you will also receive a detailed write-up to help you know what to work on yourself going forward, which many of my clients find very useful.  Please note:  There is only one free healing session per customer NOT per order during this period.  Please see my website for more details.   There are no expiry dates on the free healing, so you can choose when is best for you.  

Your energy exchange donations are always deeply appreciated, so if you feel guided to make a donation, then please click the donate button below, which will take you through to PayPal. Thank you so much.

Wishing you a blissful month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


Full Moon Energies (Nov 2015)

I wanted to write another energy update as there is so much happening right now!  We have been receiving energy upgrades for most of this month, mainly since 11.11 as this was a major gateway and a key time for us all.

The full moon on Wed 25th November is another key date and will aid another major shift!  I am very excited to be running a special attunement event (by donation) on the full moon to help empower us all and integrate these energies more easily! More info is at the end of the update!

The energy may feel intense, but know this is a very good thing!  This energy is helping us push forward into new ways of thinking and being.  However, there is a watch out as this energy could also allow us to fall back into old habits and old ways of thinking!  Only we can decide which path to take!!  So watch your energy, thoughts and feelings over the next few weeks and make sure you are making the right choices.

November is all about releasing anything that no longer serves us and about empowering ourselves.  Don’t panic if you are not sure what is the right decision!  If you are worrying about what to do about something, surrender and let it go for the moment.  Let the full moon energies wash over you and release yourself from the worry.  The energy of the full moon will continue well into December, around the 11th, so give yourself this time to feel what is going on and the next steps and decisions will become clearer.  Empower yourself by releasing the worry and stress you may be feeling about making the right decision.  Trust that you have all the answers and when you are feeling more rested and balanced after the full moon, then decide what to do.

Remember, we have all gone through a huge amounts of shifts, upgrades and received many energy downloads this year.  This is the time where everything comes together, although it may not feel as if this is the case, so we need to trust that it is.

The next few weeks is a time of integration, so everything can become more balanced and peaceful.  We need to be mindful of what we have achieved this year and how far we have come.

It is time to let our Goddesses shine, (this includes any men reading this!), as we need to balance the divine feminine within us, which in turn will help the world around us.  The wars and destruction are an imbalance within our world and this is something that is happening to show us the way forward.  There is so much anger and hatred in the world today, but there is also so much love and kindness.   We need to step out of the illusion of the 3D paradigm and into the truth.

I wrote in my last update about feeling like I am stuck in a box, well I am pleased to report that I have finally burst out of my box and am now feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!  I did a lot of inner work at the start of this month and also followed the suggestions that Spirit gave us.

It was my birthday in the middle of the month, which, whilst lovely, was also a time where some deep-rooted stuff came to the surface!  After this release, I decided it was time to banish my box once and for all!

One of the things that was holding me in my box was getting my new online shop up and running.  Now you may think that is very strange and if you look at it from a surface point of view it is!  However, I had to look what was blocking me underneath.  What came up was fear about moving forward!  The surface fears were about I haven’t got the time, what if no one buys anything etc, but underneath these fears there was a key fear that was all about the next step!  I know what I should be doing next and have the help of Spirit, but that doesn’t always mean I do it!!

I am sure many of you reading this have similar fears about something in your life.  I wanted to share this because I feel it is so important to see what is underneath the surface stuff!  Normally, we don’t want to make changes or do something as we are scared of the unknown.  Sometimes we can actually be as fearful of success as much as we can be of failure.  We all know deep down what is stopping us or holding us back from the dream we have.  It is up to each one of us to acknowledge this truth about ourselves.  As they say, the truth will set you free!!

If you still feel a bit stuck, I urge you to look underneath your surface fears and worries with the help of the full moon so you can really see the truth.  There is no reason for us to hide any longer, especially from ourselves!

Spirit urged me to get my online shop up before the full moon, so I worked hard and it is now online!!  I have been working on this since May, so when I finally pressed the button I had all sorts of emotions come up!  I felt happy, excited, relieved and also still a bit fearful!!  However, I now feel so much freer and more in more power, which is wonderful!

My shop is called Spiritual Delights, so please feel free to have a browse by clicking here!  I will be running a competition each month as it is always lovely to receive a gift!  Nov/Dec competition is to win a silver moonstone pendant!  You will see the competition on the home page if you would like to enter. 

The event tomorrow (25th Nov at 7pm UK time) is for the Full Moon Inner Goddess Empowerment to help awaken our Goddess within and let her shine!  It is run by donation, so you choose what you can afford, although a suggested donation is £5 (about $8).  Please click here for more information and to book.

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Wishing you a blissful rest of the month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


November 2015 Energies

I am so glad that we have all got through October relatively unscathed!!  It was a tough month energetically and now we are in the freshness of November!  However, this month may feel brighter and lighter, but there is still so much happening!

Trying to describe this month’s energy had my brain in a bit of a pickle, so I asked Spirit for help.  They told me to write how I feel as this will hopefully convey the current energy we are in!

I feel like I am in a big cardboard box.  I have been in this since September/October and during those months it sometimes felt quite cosy and at other times it felt like the walls were closing in!  I have got up and moved around the box testing the walls and seeing if there was an escape, but then felt a bit overwhelmed so sat back down again!  I have rested in my box, danced in my box and also surrendered in my box, but I am still in my box!!!

The box to me represents the current energies.  We can move around if we want to, we can see cracks of light coming in, sometimes we feel warm and safe and at other times we feel like it is hard to breathe as we feel so contained!   We could easily put our foot through the wall of the box and step out, but it has either felt too scary, too hard or just too much effort!

My intention this month is to break out of my box and release myself from this prison I have created!  Not only am I going to break out, but I am also going to burn the box once and for all!

One of the reasons we all feel so drained is because we are each in our individual boxes and we need to FEEL CONNECTED to each other and Mother Earth once again.

October was all about completion and surrender, whereas, November is a time of empowerment and release.  So how do we get our of our boxes?

Here are some simple steps to help you break free!  I am going to be using these too this month and will give you an update of how I am doing later in the month.  Please feel free to share how you are doing too as we are all in this together!

These steps outlined below are Spirit’s suggestions to help us feel more empowered and to release anything that is still holding us back:

1. Complete anything that you did not finish in October!  This can be anything from practical things around the house to big things, such as ending a negative relationship.  Free yourself!

2. Honour your emotions.  Let yourself ‘FEEL’.  Our emotions are just signals that tell us if we need to change anything or do more of the same.  Allow yourself to really feel them this month and trust that they are showing you the way forward.  If you want to release these feelings, then go for it!  I find sounding really helps me release any negativity.  The best way to do this is really feel the emotion for about 30 seconds, then open your mouth slightly and let whatever sound come out.  Don’t think about the sound, just feel the emotion and the sound that needs to release it will just come out

3. Spend time in nature everyday this month.  It is very important for us all to re-establish our connection with Mother Earth right now.  She helps us renew our energy, so this is a key step!

4. Be STILL for at least 5 minutes every day!  This may not sound like a lot, but I know some of us find it hard to meditate for ages and 5 mins a day will really help!  So, set yourself a goal of 5 mins of quiet time everyday.  This is really helpful to calm our minds, which reduces stress and helps us to connect with Source.

5. LOVE YOUR BODY!  Take some time out each week to indulge yourself!  This can be anything from taking a blissful bath, going to the hairdressers, painting your nails, having a massage, giving yourself healing, or going all out and having a full on pamper day at a spa!  Whatever makes you feel good about your body, do it!  When we look good, we feel good and it also shows the Universe we are ready to step out of our box!

6. Last, but my no means least, is FEEL THE APPRECIATION!  Appreciate all that you have, all that you are, how far you have come and appreciate all those that love you for just being you!  Find something to be grateful for each day of November, but most importantly show yourself some appreciation this month!

I hope these steps help you move through November more easily and I look forward to feeling more connected to each and every one of you once I break out of my box too!

As we all need a little bit of fun and joy this month, I shall be running the next attunement event of the Return and Love of Unicorns!  I have yet to set this event up, so if you would like to be updated as to when it is, please sign up for my newsletter, please click here.  Please note once you sign up you will get a confirmation email, which you need to click to confirm your acceptance.  This may go into your junk/spam folder, so keep a look out!

Wishing you a blissful rest of the month.

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


October 2015 Energies – Part 2!

You may be wondering where the ‘new energy’ is this month, which is why I wanted to write another energy update!

Do you feel a bit let down by it all after all the hype of September?

The first part of October was quite tough for most of us as we were still reeling from all the energetic activity of September and a lot of us were still releasing!  Some of us are still in this process now.  So don’t be disheartened.  Know that you are on track and everything that is happening is as it should be!  I know this is much easier to say than it is to accept, but as I wrote in my previous update; October is all about completion and surrender!

Mercury went direct on 9th October and then we had a new moon on 10th October, so the energy did pick up and become a lot fresher and more manageable!

You may be finding you are feeling quite tired this month and that is due to a couple of things. It is partly due to our bodies getting used to the new energy and it may also be due to some resistance we have about surrendering and letting go!  When we push too much, become impatient or frustrated with where we are, we create resistance, so the things we want can’t flow easily to us.  When we are in this place, we are coming from a place of ‘lack’ and the universe responds in kind!  We may think, but I want this so much how can I be coming from a place of lack!

When we desperately want something we feel that something is missing in our lives, so therefore we don’t feel happy without this ‘thing’ we desperately need and want!  Therefore, we are saying to the universe, I haven’t got this and I am feeling negative emotions about not having it!  The universe works with our vibration, so responds with the same vibration back!

If we change our perspective and feel happy with what we have now, but still would like this ‘thing’ and feel excited and positive about it coming into our lives, the universe picks up the positive vibration of happy and excited and then delivers more of the same!

When we are happy and content with what we have now and are allowing good things to flow, then more good stuff happens!

Gratitude work is a great way to help us all appreciate what we do have now.  Say out loud or make a list of everything you are grateful for as this will help you come back into the now and help you realise that you do have a lot to be happy about!

The new energy is all about helping us to stay present and release our worries, fears and doubts so we can be happy in the NOW!

I have found October’s energies to be quite challenging, probably more so than September.  I found September to be incredibly fast-moving and I felt like I was being swept away by the current, so didn’t have too much time to really think about everything in detail!  October, on the other hand, is a lot slower, so there feels like there is more time to contemplate.  This is a good thing, however, if like me you know you have got a number of things to complete this month as you have been putting stuff off, then the lethargy may have kicked in where you feel you just can’t be bothered to do all these things!  This is the resistance I wrote about!

You may be really busy and think I don’t have any resistance!  But, are you doing the things you should be doing or just being busy doing other things?!  We can all find things to do, but this month is the time to make sure we are doing the things that need completing in terms of practical stuff and releasing our fears, worries and doubts in terms of spiritual work!

Spirit has said that those of us that complete and surrender this month will find it so much easier moving into November and beyond!  Even though I know all this and they keep telling me to get on with certain things, I am still finding it quite challenging, so you are not alone if you are too!!

Spirit gave me some advice when I asked how to change my feelings, they said ask yourself why don’t you want to complete these things?  When I asked this question to myself, I didn’t really want to answer it, so this showed me I had even more resistance than I thought!  So, I made myself sit quietly and asked the question again.  I felt uncomfortable and lots of different emotions popped up!  This showed me what I need to work on releasing.  Our emotions always give us the answers we seek, even if we don’t really want to seek them sometimes!!

I have sat with these different emotions and accepted these are part of me at the moment and it is okay to feel this way.  I accepted where I am right now and surrendered!  We all have expectations of ourselves and when we don’t achieve these expectations our ego’s are right there telling us I told you so, you are not good enough!! If you have feelings of guilt, fear, un-worthiness or anything else, remember this is just your ego talking!  Tell your ego to take a seat and get out-of-the-way!

Perhaps review your own expectations of where you think you should be, what you should be doing etc.  I did this myself and realised that I still had the same expectations I had years ago!!  I have changed so much and I don’t even want half of the things I wanted back then, so my expectations of myself were completely out-dated!  I made a list of all the things I had accomplished, which were a lot more than I expected and I also set some new intentions about what I wanted to work on next!  I let go of all of my old expectations and it felt amazing!  I felt free of my old self!  I would urge you to try this exercise as you may be surprised at how many old and outdated expectations you are holding on to!

I know a lot of us still feel a little lost this month, so Spirit guided to me to this wonderful energy for my next attunement event, which is on Tues 20th October.  It is the Life Path Empowerment, absolutely perfect for anyone that feels a little stuck right now!

The Life Path Empowerment will help us to get back on track and help to adjust our thoughts and actions accordingly. It will also help to increase our intuition and psychic awareness, plus accelerate ascension!  We all need a little help now and again to see more clearly, so if this feels good for you, then please visit my website to sign up!  All my attunement events are by donation and a suggested donation is £5, however you can choose what you wish to pay as I run these to help everyone on their journey.  Here is the link for more information – LIFE PATH EMPOWERMENT

Wishing you a blissful rest of the month.

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


October 2015 Energies

Welcome to the new energy!!

As we move into the new, we are still releasing the old, so October is all about completion and surrender!

September gave us a whirlwind of different energies and energy upgrades.  We were pushed, pulled, spun round and at times felt like we were being thrown up in the air to see where we would land!

We needed to go through this so we could be ready for the new frequency of energies that is now here.  As I said in my last update, this new frequency will affect everyone in different ways and at different times.  We are still ‘feeling’ our way slowly forward after the craziness of September, so if you are still reeling, take some time to stop and let yourself be still so you can adjust to the new frequency.

There may be some areas in our lives that we are still in the process of releasing and that is totally okay!  This month will help us understand what we still need to do in order to move forward once again.  Some of us may be going through a ‘big’ event in our lives or are having lots happen externally, whilst others are finding the need to go within and focus on their internal thoughts and feelings.  Each one of us is unique, so don’t worry about what other people are doing, focus on what YOU need to do!  This new frequency is helping each of us to become more empowered.

I find this new energy fascinating; as although we are understanding and seeing how we are all so deeply connected, we are also finally getting that we need to focus on our own needs and step into our power now!  When we become more empowered, we are not being selfish we are understanding what we need as individuals to be happier and what we need to do to be able to go with the flow, rather than pushing against it.  The more we step into our own power the more we help other people and the planet.  When we are vibrating at a higher level, we help to inspire others, which in turn helps them to heal and step into their own power.

Remember how you feel when you are around a high energy, fun-loving and happy person.  You feel energised, joyful and become more motivated too!  Just think what it would be like if every single person in the world was like this.  All negativity gone and peace everywhere!  This is what the new energy is helping us to create, which I find so exciting!!!    So, we all had to go through the tough energies of September so we can start to create this new world.

I recently read ‘The Power of Intention’ by Wayne Dyer and he writes about a study on those that vibrate at a high level.  This really made me think and I was inspired more than ever to watch my thoughts and feelings, so I could help more people.

Here is what Wayne wrote, “One Individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of optimism and a willingness to be non-judgmental of others will counterbalance the negativity of 90,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.”

There is loads more about this in the book, but the bottom line is that the higher we vibrate the more negativity we can counterbalance.  I felt very empowered after reading this.  We can each impact thousands of people just by being ourselves!

A lot of people say to me that they feel very small sometimes in the grand scheme of things and wonder why they came down to help.  They feel that they don’t make an impact, especially if they are doing work that is not what they would class as ‘spiritual.’  We do not have to do a ‘spiritual’ job to help others.   We each have our own journey, but we all have the same purpose, which is to help raise the vibration of Mother Earth and we can do this anywhere, no matter what type of job we have, which I hope this excerpt of Wayne’s book demonstrates.

When we work on ourselves by releasing and healing, we will vibrate at a higher level than before we started on our spiritual journey.  The more work we do on ourselves, the higher our vibration.  We then start to impact the world around us with our energy and this is what each of us came here to do.

So it doesn’t matter whether you work in an office, a supermarket, a factory, a farm or from home, you will impact others with your energy no matter where you are and that also includes those that are stay at home Mum’s and Dad’s and those that have retired!

October is all about knowing we each have the power inside to make a difference and create change.  The more we heal ourselves, the higher our vibration becomes, which means the more negativity we can each counterbalance!

YOU are making a difference to the energy right now!  Make sure you are making the best difference you can by being your authentic, empowered and beautiful self.

Wishing you a blissful October!

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

September Energies Part 3!

I wanted to write another update about September before moving on to October as it has been such a HUGE month in terms of energy shifts!!  This has been one of the biggest shifts in history and we are now in the process of integrating and anchoring in this new energy, so remember to ground!!

There is a brand new frequency occurring right now and we are on the cusp of a brand new beginning in so many ways.   This new energy will affect everyone in the world, whether they are aware or not!  Each person will have their own unique experience and adjust to these new waves of energy in different ways.  Some people are not quite ready to use these new energies yet, so It won’t be immediate for all of us.

The connection between us all has increased and expanded, so have this in mind whenever you interact with another.  When we treat the world with love and kindness, we are actually honouring ourselves this way too as we are all connected!

The world will begin to change in big ways and will continue to do so into 2016/17.  These changes won’t be immediate as everything has to start from a thought to be created, so everything will happen in divine timing!   This is the shift we needed to become aligned with the new universal energies.  Now this has happened, the world will also start to shift into a new way of being.

The energy at some points this month knocked me for six and one day I just had to rest!  I slept for pretty much the whole day and when I thought I should get up, I just got the words ‘rest’ again!  So, if you have been feeling a bit lethargic, tired, sad or even a bit grumpy, know that these energies have pushed our human bodies to the limits this month as we have had a HUGE upgrade, so let go of any guilt about anything you feel you should have done and not been able to complete!  There is always tomorrow and as we start to move into a much more steady stream of energy, we will find our energy levels starting to increase and we will have more motivation to act upon our dreams once again.

Remember, each one of us is the creator of our world and we are each responsible for everything that happens to us.  We are here to help and also enjoy our lives!  Take a moment to understand how you view the world.  Do you see the world as a safe and happy place or do you see the world as a scary and unfriendly place? If it is the latter, I urge you to change your view of the world around you and start to see it from a different perspective.  How we view the external world shows us what is going on internally.  If you see the world as scary, look within and see what fear you are holding on to.  When we start to change our thoughts (inner world) we ultimately change our outer world in the process.  Try it today and see what wonderful things happen!

October is going to be a much less rollar-coaster ride of energies, but it will be eventful nevertheless!  I will write more on this in a few days time.

I have been guided to run another attunement event on Thursday 1st October (7pm UK time) to help us all replenish our energies!  The attunement is called Replenishing Shakti and as always is by donation.

So what does replenishing mean? Replenishing literally means replacing that which was and has become weak or used up. These divine intelligences are skilled at bringing love and energy to help replenish you physical and spiritual body.

The energies of the Replenishing Shakti have a unique frequency that will bring each person the exact combination of energies that they need at that specific time.

I felt that this was perfect for us all after the powerful energies of September, so we can start October replenished!

Please click here for more information and to sign up for the event.

Wishing you a blissful last few days of September!

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

September Energies Part 2!

How are YOU feeling right now?

It is so important this month to STOP and see how we FEEL!!  so before reading any further, take a moment to check in with YOU!

It is always good to stop, even just for a minute and ask ourself how do I really feel.  As you sit there pondering on this question, you may think: I feel fine; I feel tired; I feel sad; I feel fantastic or I feel stressed!  You may even feel a combination of all sorts of different emotions.  When we stop and listen to ourselves for a moment we can then see what we may need to shift, release or heal in order to feel better.  You don’t need to ‘do’ anything, it is more about bringing your attention and focus back to you.  If you then feel you need to do something about the way you feel, e.g. have a nap, do some yoga, go for a walk or mediate, then that’s great, but this question is more about connecting ourselves back to self rather than being focused on the external.

September so far has been a myriad of energies and you may feel you have been up and down emotionally over the last couple of weeks.  The energy overall is incredibly expansive and is helping us all to expand our awareness, expand our hearts and expand our consciousness.  So the emotions that may have come up for you already are just showing you what you need to let go of so you can fully embrace this expansion of self!

The energy has come together a lot more since I wrote my last update.  I saw the energy as tiny tornadoes all carrying a unique vibration at the start of September.  Now, each tornado has grown and they have all nearly merged together, forming a massive tornado!  The strength of the energy has now increased and the unique vibrations have all started to come together as one!  This means that the energy has become more intense, more powerful and is having a big effect on us!

One of the reasons for all this new energy pouring in are the two solar eclipses happening this month.  Tomorrow (13th Sept) there is a new moon.  It is a partial solar eclipse and quite a powerful energy!

This energy is helping us all to expand and let go as we are being upgraded on all levels.  So, you may be finding ‘old patterns’ and ‘old wounds’ are coming back up again to be healed!  The new moon illuminates all that is not working, so if you are feeling like you have been here before, then you probably have!  It is time to release the old ways and embrace the new, hence everything that has not been completely healed comes back up this month!

Mercury is going to go retrograde on the 17th September, which will again help us to revise our lives, where we are going, what we are doing and what needs to go!  You may find this a tough period energetically as the energy pushes and pulls us to look at what needs to be sorted out!  This can be physical, emotional, financial, mental or spiritual!  So, remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself a break!  There is a huge amount going on right now and we are all doing the best we can in these current energies.  If it all gets a bit much, take a moment and ask yourself how you feel like you did at the start of this article.  Connecting back to self is so important as then our intuition can help us find the way through.

You may have found that you are having ascension symptoms again, such as feeling very tired all the time, not being able to sleep at night, rashes or spots coming up on your skin, digestive issues, headaches, nausea etc.  Remember, we are expanding and lifting to a higher frequency, so to do this we need to let go of the lower, denser energies.  Unfortunately, some of these symptoms are the result of this expansion, so trust they will pass!

You also may be having such very weird dreams that seem incredibly real!  These dreams are happening for a few reasons.  Firstly, to help us clear and release ‘stuff’ that we can’t do in our waking life as it is just too hard!  Secondly, these dreams could be showing us a new world or information to help us move forward.  Pay attention to your dreams this month as they could be showing you a new way of being!

As we are awash with different energies this month, Spirit has guided to me to run another attunement event on Tuesday 15th September in-between the energy fluctuations to give us a little healing and happiness!  The attunement is Gaja (Elephant) Reiki and is as always by donation. I always get asked if you can receive this at a different time than the actual event. The answer is yes, the energy stays strong for up to 7 days after the event, so you can receive it at a time to suit you no matter what time zone you are in, you can still enjoy the energies!

Spirit always add in a little something extra to these events depending on what healing we need as a collective and I am finding that the energies are getting more and more powerful each month, so I can’t wait to connect with you all for this one!

Gaja means Elephant in Sanskrit, and Gaja Elephant Reiki is a method using the wonderful, powerful and loving energies of the Elephant, the Navaratna Jewels and the Lotus Flower

As your spirit guide, the energies of the elephant can help you to see your previous paths with bigger gratitude, so you more easily will discover your future paths. You will soon feel and see that it’s very eager for you to have a basic balance in body, mind and soul.  Elephants are highly spiritual developed beings, and that’s one of the reasons they are said to carry the universe.  This is why I was guided to pick this energy for the event!

Please click here for more information about the event.

Wishing you a blissful rest of September!

Your energy exchange donations are always deeply appreciated, so if you feel guided to make a donation, then please click the donate button below, which will take you through to Paypal.  Thank you so much.




Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥