February 2016 Energy Forecast

When I wrote in the 2016 overview about time this year going at warp speed, I didn’t quite realise what ‘warp speed’ actually meant until January came and went in a complete blur!!   The energy was a little harsh in places last month and Mercury Retrograde certainly rocked our world even more than normal!

February will still be fast paced, but it has a much higher energy frequency compared to January, which feels a little less hectic, which is a welcome relief!  However, time will still feel like it is whizzing by!  Time has been a theme throughout January as it has come up in nearly all of my readings and healing sessions!  We are going through a transformational process right now and our relationship with ‘time’ is changing!   Time feels like it is moving incredibly fast at the moment and this may be bringing up issues in many of us.  It is essential we understand more about our own relationship with time as this will get more intense as we move further into 2016.

How do YOU feel about time?  What thoughts and feelings come up for you when you hear the word ‘time?’  Does it make you feel worried, nervous or anxious?  If you have any negative feelings about time, then I suggest that you sit quietly and look at your beliefs about time and how it makes you feel. 

We have the power to slow time down if we wish as we create our own realities, however most of us don’t realise we have that power!  The fact that time feels like it is running away from us at the moment is all part of the overall plan to help us connect with ourselves and Source.  This is so we can learn how to come back to that place of peace!  The energy is moving fast, so we can learn how to master this process. 

Yes, it is challenging, but incredibly beneficial, especially if there is a lot of change happening in your world or you are finding things a little chaotic this year.  When we find the place of peace inside we can float in a sea of calm, while everyone around us weathers the storm! 

Time is then something that is going on outside of us rather than us feeling like we are being controlled by it.  

February is a BIG month energy wise as there is so much going on and it really starts to take off with the Chinese New Year, which begins on the 8th February (year of the Fire Monkey) and it is also a New Moon on this day too.  I do think the Chinese have got it right starting the new year in February as this month really does feel like entering a new energy, even more so than January did!

The influence of the Monkey can put everything into flux, but on the positive side the Monkey’s gift is the ability to find unconventional solutions to old problems and things will be accomplished this year!  This is much more of an action year than 2015, which means there won’t be as much of the ‘stop start’ energy that we felt last year.  It is also a good year to break free of convention, be daring and follow your heart’s desire!  The energies are definitely supporting these changes this month and beyond!

The first part of February may feel a bit frustrating as we enter into this new energy and embrace the decisions and plans we made in January.  Expect the unexpected around the New Moon on the 8th and then as we move forward toward Valentine’s Day on the 14th, the energy changes again allowing more movement and greater manifestations!  Towards the end of the month we have the Full Moon on the 22nd and this gives us the opportunity to review how far we have come and what other decisions need to be made as we work our way into March.

Remember, January was all about introspection and also completion.  February is now the time to use what we have learnt about ourselves and what we want from 2016 by putting those ideas and thoughts into action!

I shall be running two attunement events this month to help us all deal with this energy a little easier as it is a BIG month energetically.  I will post each event here on my blog once they are up on my website.  The next one will be on the 12th Feb for White Dragon Reiki, to help clear the path ahead and any old emotions we are carrying.  The second one will be on 22nd Feb for Lunar Balance, to help us all work with the moon’s energy more easily this year as the moon will have more of an effect on us than in previous years!  So stay tuned!

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Wishing you a blissful month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

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I am in the process of writing about the energies of February, so I will be posting this soon!

Love & Blessings


January 2016 Energy Forecast

2016 is here and what a year it will be!  The last few years have been fast paced and propelled us forward so we are ready for 2016.  This will be a BIG year for many of us as it is all about self-mastery!  If you haven’t read my 2016 overview, then please click here as it will help to give you an understanding of what is to come! 

January is all about introspection!  This is the month to go within and examine our thoughts and feelings. 

Before I get into more about why we need to go within, I wanted to touch on what is happening astrologically as this is important as it sets the tone for the start of 2016!  I am not an astrologer, but Spirit do tell me when I need to add key astrological dates into my forecasts!   They also give me information as to why this is important for us.

Mercury started its retrograde phase on 5th/6th Jan and this will last until January 25th/26th, but it is normally felt for a few weeks after too!  This one has a bit of a nasty aspect that can bring about aggression and arguments.  This can result in intense power struggles and attempts to gain control over others and situations.  So, please be aware that this energy may heighten any form of confrontation at the moment!  This is all happening so we can see the ‘control’ that is in place, not just individually, but also as a collective in terms of a world view.   The new Moon also helps to illuminate what is happening so even though it doesn’t sound good, it is necessary for things to change!

The new Moon is in Capricorn and occurs on the 9th/10th Jan depending on where you are in the world! This is a very powerful new Moon as it helps to reveal the truth and uncover secrets!   We may also feel the new Moon energy bringing our own fears to the surface.  This is good thing, (although it may not feel like it at the time!), as it shows us what we need to release so we can move forward more easily!  This is one of the reasons that January is a month to go within as the new Moon will help us to highlight areas of focus in our lives and it is a great time to release, heal and set our intentions for the new year.

We may also find that other people may feel a little cold or distant towards us or us towards them as we are all trying to sort out what’s going on within!  So, don’t take offence if this happens and if you feel this way, then just tell your friends and family you need to take some time to yourself at the moment, so they understand it is nothing to do with them!

This month we may find that we are realising and understanding a lot more about ourselves and our lives.  The veil is being lifted that previously prevented us from seeing what is really going on!  We may also find issues of freedom vs power coming up, which we dealt with a lot in 2015, but if you haven’t quite mastered this or are still finding other people in your life wanting to ‘take control’ then this may rear its head for you again until you take back control of your life!  This is a key step to self-mastery and will keep coming back up in different forms and lessons this year until we each learn that we are the creators of our own reality!

Even with everything going on energetically and astrologically this month, the new Moon marks a time of new beginnings and possibilities.  So it is the perfect time to set our intentions for the future.  What would YOU like to manifest in 2016?

Find the time to take yourself away from it all so you can spend some quality time with yourself!  You don’t have to go far or take hours doing this, just find a place for 20 mins where you won’t be disturbed!  Once you have settled somewhere, tune into your Heart Chakra, what dreams, hopes and fears are you holding within?  Write these down, say them out loud, draw them or just think about them.  Whatever works for you.  YOU have all the answers and when you listen to YOU, the solutions will appear!  I included feeling our fears here as I think whatever we fear the most is the thing we should be taking action to change!!  Understanding our fears can help us also know what to release and work on from a spiritual perspective going forward.  Enjoy this time of quiet and solitude.  You will find the answers you seek!

Wishing you a blissful month discovering more about YOU! 

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


2016 Energies – The Year of Self-Mastery!

I wanted to review the last couple of year’s in this energy update for 2016 as I believe it is so important to see how far we have all come!  We have been on such a journey that it is sometimes useful to reflect and see how each year’s energy has helped us progress.

2014 helped us to open our hearts more fully and release old emotions that were no longer serving us.   2014 ended a period of cleansing, reviewing and moving, which had been going on for a number of years.  2014’s energy was needed to help us move through 2015.  This included; releasing as much as we could, getting our homes, work etc in order, physically moving to a new place, if guided, so we could be in the right space for the new energy.

2015 was about building a foundation and moving into abundance!  2015 was a much denser energy than 2014 and it has been hard going in places!  2015 was all about stepping forward and doing rather than just focusing on the clearing and releasing!  Of course, we will still needed to work on our own spiritual progression and take time for self-healing, but the energy had a way of pushing us out of our comfort zones into doing more to increase our confidence, increase our trust in ourselves, increase our joy for life and of course increase our abundance!

The last few years have been fast paced and propelled us forward so we are ready for 2016.  This will be a BIG year for many of us as it is all about self-mastery!

There has been a lot of chaos in the world over the last few years and unfortunately we will see more of the same in 2016 and beyond.  We need to be in a place of balance and steadiness within to cope with all the changes and uncertainty that is happening around us and this is exactly what we have been working on in 2014 and 2015.

The world is changing and we have already felt the bouts of intense energy over the last couple of years.  Things are shifting fast and it is not going to slow dow!  You may even think time has gone to warp speed!  This is a key point for 2016 as we won’t have time to deal with things, people and situations that are not for our highest good, so we need to make sure we listen and trust our intuition!

We are moving away from authority as a collective and at an individual level.  You may have found that there were a number of people in your life that you stood up to in 2015.  This could include; parents, bosses, friends, husbands, wives, etc.  You may have told them how you felt, how you wanted to be treated and what you wanted from life.   Those in authority are not just the government telling us what to do, sometimes we have relationships that also feel very controlling for many different reasons!  As we spoke our truth, these relationships may have ended or they may have changed into something wonderful.  Whatever has happened for you, know that these changes in your relationships were necessary before 2016.  This is because we just won’t have time (as time will feel like it has speeded up even more!) for those that don’t respect us, want to control how or what we do and/or are very negative!

As I wrote in December’s update, the only certainty we have is change and this will continue to get more apparent as we go through 2016!

You may feel that nothing seems to be happening and you know you have put in the work in terms of releasing, healing and letting go of things, people and situations that no longer serve you, so why is it all taking so long to manifest the good stuff???!!

As we have moved through the last few years, we have been laying the groundwork, think of it like building a house from scratch!  We have each built our own new house, laying the foundations, building the walls brick by brick, putting in the doors and windows until we have a new house!  However, we still need to put in the carpets, the furniture and then add the finishing touches so it feels like a home.  2016 is all about adding the finishing touches!  Some of you may still be laying the carpets and putting in the furniture, but as we move through 2016 you will get to a place where you feel at home in your new house, which means you will feel more settled and in control of your life!

We have felt other people’s stress, anger and all manner of negative emotions and there probably have been times when you didn’t want to go out of the house as it was just too tiring!  You could probably feel an intensity inside you like something big was about to happen, but then nothing did, so you weren’t sure what you were feeling!  Know this is all part of the process and we are now coming out of this stage.

There were times when each of us have felt very alone as we are feeling our own transformation, but not seeing it in the external world.  We have been working so hard on changing our inner world and that actually includes working through stuff for others too, some of it could be generation stuff or helping the collective, so it has been very challenging!  It may also have felt very stop/start in that you felt things were taking off and then suddenly everything just stopped!  This has been very frustrating as I have felt this a lot during 2015.

The main reason why we haven’t seen all these big changes yet in the external world is that we are still working things through.  We are definitely becoming more enlightened, but the old stuff has to work its way out!  This process is not a quick fix, as you know, it is a long-term process and we will start to see some results in 2016, thank the Goddess!!

Being on the spiritual path, whatever this means for you, tends to mean we experience a lot of things 3-5 years ahead of those that are not on this journey yet!  As I wrote at the start of this update, there is a lot more chaos to come over the next few years, which include more extreme weather, more unrest, more Earth disasters and also the exposure of bad behaviour that up until now has been protected, so a lot of truth will come out in 2016.  This will be very unsettling for many people who are just waking up and they will have to come to terms with stuff fast, so even though we have been through some very challenging times over the last few years, know that this is the reason, so we can be prepared and centred in our own power for what is to come!

The good news about all these changes is that there will be an even bigger shift in people’s thinking for the better and plenty of opportunities to come together.  This won’t all happen immediately as things need to break before they can really start to change, but we will see a lot more of this ‘unity’ happening over the coming years.

Flexibility is key in 2016, so our phrase should be ‘Go with the flow!’  So, if you feel like you are pushing for a specific outcome or putting all your energy into something, ask yourself are you going with the flow?!

2016 should help us feel much more in charge of our emotional world and we will be able to solve recurring patterns once and for all!  Yippee, I hear you shout as this has been a long time in coming!  The only downside to this is that we do need to be aware of what they are so we can solve them completely as it won’t just happen without us taking control!

Key questions to ask yourself in 2016 to be ready for the new energies:

  1. What have I learnt about who I am?
  2. What is important to me?
  3. What do I need?

So, what is self-mastery if that is what 2016 is all about?  It is all about believing and trusting in YOU!  It is taking full responsibility for everything that happens in your life and knowing you create your own reality.

Self-acceptance is key before self-mastery can occur and this is accepting you, the good, the bad and the ugly!  Self-acceptance is really about self-love and appreciating yourself right now in this moment.

Neither of these things are perfection!  So, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have times when you think I can’t do this or I don’t deserve it or I am not good enough!  Remember, we are still human!!  It means that whenever you have one of these thoughts, you catch yourself and question it!  Then realise that you can do it or you do deserve it!

I also view self-mastery as being able to be in balance all levels, so this includes: the emotional level, the mental level, the physical level, the ethereal level and the cellular level.  Again, it is NOT about being perfect, it is about understanding when to say no to others as you need to take time for yourself, it is about listening to your body about the food you eat, it is about being able to release the stress that we put ourselves under each day.  Above all, it is about loving yourself and giving yourself what you need!

The other part of self-mastery for me is to stop worrying about what other people or society think of us!!

Remember:  YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, not anyone else!

I am very excited about 2016 and you should be too as we have put in the hard work and now we will begin to see what we want come forward!  If you have worked through all the things I have written about above, this year should be a fantastic year for you.

However, if you feel like you still have low self-esteem and/or desire certainty in life then you need to change your beliefs quickly, otherwise the energy in 2016 will be very challenging for you.  The attunement event I am running on 29th December may help you with this and the details are below.

We all need to release our attachments to outcomes this year and go with the flow, then we will really start to grow and manifest our desires!

Spirit has guided me to run an attunement event on Tuesday 29th December ay 7pm UK time to help us all flow into 2016!   It is the Essence of Love 2016 Upgrade.  I channelled this attunement in July 2013 and have upgraded the energy in Dec 2015.  This upgrade is to help us all be able to move more fully into self-mastery, which is what 2016 is all about! A big part of self-mastery is being able to love and accept ourselves where we are right now.  The crystal Rose Quartz represents Gaia’s heart and so an Etheric Rose Quartz is placed in each of your 7 Chakras during this attunement.  

What I also found with the upgrade is that this energy is very grounding and when I asked why, Spirit told me we all need to be connected further to Mother Earth in 2016 to make sure we have stability!  We need to be connected to both Mother Earth & Source to be balanced and so we can be on Earth, but still feel the love from Source!  

The other part of this upgrade was to work on opening our Hearts and Higher Heart Chakras even further to allow us to be able to release old emotions more easily and quickly.  The energies of 2016 will feel even faster than the years before, so we need to be able to keep up and this upgrade helps us to do that!

It is run by donation, so you choose what you can afford, although a suggested donation is £5 (about $8).  Please click here for more information and to book.

I have also now added to my website the 2016 Energy Upgrade, which is an attunement I channel each year to help upgrade all levels of our bodies (mental, emotional, ethereal, cellular and physical) so they become more aligned with the new energies.   Please click here for more information and to purchase.

Happy New Year and I wish you a very joyful 2016!

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

December 2015 Energies

Happy December Everyone!

Wow, what a year 2015 has been!  I can’t believe we are in the last month of the year.  Time has flown by, yet it feels like this year has lasted forever in some ways!

November was a big month energetically as we had the 11.11 gateway and the full moon on the 25th.  These were both key dates for us all and our beautiful Mother Earth.  We have released so much this year and made that shift into the New Earth!  We are all still integrating the powerful energies of the full moon and this will continue up until around the 11th December, however we have also completed an ascension cycle, which ended on 30th November, so December is also a fresh energy!

I have been having a number of conversations with Spirit this month about how we can remember more about why we came to Earth at this time and use this information to help us move forward.  I have been reading Dolores Cannon’s ‘Convoluted Universe’ books 4 & 5 recently as I was drawn to read about other people’s experiences.  Dolores talks about moving into the New Earth and that is exactly what we are all doing right now.

Each one of us has shifted into a new vibration!  Mother Earth has also shifted and even though all this may still feel uncomfortable, we need to trust in the process!

I thought I would give us a few questions to ponder to show how much we have shifted, so find a moment and quietly ask yourself the following.  When you look back over 2015:

  1. Have you spoken your truth to others more than you used to?
  2. Have your eating habits changed?  E.g. have you stopped eating certain types of food that are a denser energy?
  3. Have you forgiven yourself or someone else this year?
  4. Have you had any big changes in your life? E.g. moved house, travelled, changed jobs etc.
  5. Have you let something or someone go this year?
  6. Have you loved yourself more?
  7. Do you feel more empowered?

I bet if you answer these questions honestly, you will find that you have moved into a new way of being without even realising it!

The only constant we have is change and everything is evolving so quickly it is sometimes hard to keep up!  The more we raise our vibration;  the more we help the planet and others around us.

When we shift we may have to leave others behind due to our new vibration.  When we speak our truth, others may not like what we have to say.  When we feel empowered and make a decision based on how we know we should live our lives, others may not agree.  So, if  you feel some sadness when looking back over the year that people, things and situations have had to be released, know that it is okay to feel whatever emotions come up.  This is all part of being in the new energy and embracing our true selves!  Change is not always easy and it may take some time and trust to know we have made the right choices, so be kind to you and honour how far you have come.

Ascension is a conscious choice by each of us to evolve and shift!  Spirit has told me that due to the shift in vibration, the energy has opened up for us to remember even more about our paths and also past life lessons that will aid us in this life.   The more we remember the easier it is to trust in this process that is Earth life!

December is a complex energy month as we are still in the process of integration, but at the same time we are in a completely new energy too!  It is being shown to me as layers, the bottom layer is the integration and the top layer is the new energy.  The top layer is starting to slowly absorb the bottom layer, which will end up leaving just one layer – the new energy!  We should start to experience this fully around the 11th Dec, as mentioned earlier.  Then things get interesting!!  I am being shown the energy speeding up and becoming denser, yet lighter at the same time!  See I told you this was complex!!  The denser energy will help to shift any blockages and remove old energies that maybe trapped.  Imagine a bulldozer clearing the path and leaving a few holes along the way.  Then the lighter energies fill this space with positive movement forward and light!  So, then imagine the holes being filled with crystal clear water that turns into a gently flowing stream, which then become a fast flowing river!

I hope you followed that analogy!  Spirit is laughing as I am typing this as they know I am also a little confused!  So, they have tried to explain it further.  These are their words, rather than images!  “Another shift in energy is needed during December and this will happen by a strong energy coming into help clear the debris that has been left behind from the integration process.  The second wave of energy will fill the gaps and help things to flow, however this will also speed things up in the second part of the month and you can expect more of the unexpected!”

I hope one of these descriptions makes sense to you!  December is going to be an interesting month and bring about another shift, so don’t be surprised if you have ascension symptoms this month!  You may also have more vivid dreams, so please pay attention to these as these could be helping you to remember more about your purpose and lessons in previous lives to help with the change.  I know we have been through so much already,  but this is just another part of the process and remember we are all in this together!

Due to this month’s energies, Spirit has guided me to run a specific attunement event and also a very special offer to help us flow through this month with ease and grace!

The next attunement event is on Tuesday 8th December at 7pm UK time to help us remember the past in order to change the future, which is the Light of Lemuria!  The manual is really interesting as there is channelled information all about Lemurian history, which is very good to read to see if feels right to you, it may jog your memory!  It is run by donation, so you choose what you can afford, although a suggested donation is £5 (about $8).  Please click here for more information and to book.

I was also guided to run a very special offer for the first 2 weeks of December (1st – 15th Dec) to help us navigate our way through these energies!  I am giving away a FREE Specific Healing Session (worth £25) when you place an order of £25 or more on Violet-Light.  This is not just a healing session, as you will also receive a detailed write-up to help you know what to work on yourself going forward, which many of my clients find very useful.  Please note:  There is only one free healing session per customer NOT per order during this period.  Please see my website for more details.   There are no expiry dates on the free healing, so you can choose when is best for you.  

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Wishing you a blissful month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


Full Moon Energies (Nov 2015)

I wanted to write another energy update as there is so much happening right now!  We have been receiving energy upgrades for most of this month, mainly since 11.11 as this was a major gateway and a key time for us all.

The full moon on Wed 25th November is another key date and will aid another major shift!  I am very excited to be running a special attunement event (by donation) on the full moon to help empower us all and integrate these energies more easily! More info is at the end of the update!

The energy may feel intense, but know this is a very good thing!  This energy is helping us push forward into new ways of thinking and being.  However, there is a watch out as this energy could also allow us to fall back into old habits and old ways of thinking!  Only we can decide which path to take!!  So watch your energy, thoughts and feelings over the next few weeks and make sure you are making the right choices.

November is all about releasing anything that no longer serves us and about empowering ourselves.  Don’t panic if you are not sure what is the right decision!  If you are worrying about what to do about something, surrender and let it go for the moment.  Let the full moon energies wash over you and release yourself from the worry.  The energy of the full moon will continue well into December, around the 11th, so give yourself this time to feel what is going on and the next steps and decisions will become clearer.  Empower yourself by releasing the worry and stress you may be feeling about making the right decision.  Trust that you have all the answers and when you are feeling more rested and balanced after the full moon, then decide what to do.

Remember, we have all gone through a huge amounts of shifts, upgrades and received many energy downloads this year.  This is the time where everything comes together, although it may not feel as if this is the case, so we need to trust that it is.

The next few weeks is a time of integration, so everything can become more balanced and peaceful.  We need to be mindful of what we have achieved this year and how far we have come.

It is time to let our Goddesses shine, (this includes any men reading this!), as we need to balance the divine feminine within us, which in turn will help the world around us.  The wars and destruction are an imbalance within our world and this is something that is happening to show us the way forward.  There is so much anger and hatred in the world today, but there is also so much love and kindness.   We need to step out of the illusion of the 3D paradigm and into the truth.

I wrote in my last update about feeling like I am stuck in a box, well I am pleased to report that I have finally burst out of my box and am now feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!  I did a lot of inner work at the start of this month and also followed the suggestions that Spirit gave us.

It was my birthday in the middle of the month, which, whilst lovely, was also a time where some deep-rooted stuff came to the surface!  After this release, I decided it was time to banish my box once and for all!

One of the things that was holding me in my box was getting my new online shop up and running.  Now you may think that is very strange and if you look at it from a surface point of view it is!  However, I had to look what was blocking me underneath.  What came up was fear about moving forward!  The surface fears were about I haven’t got the time, what if no one buys anything etc, but underneath these fears there was a key fear that was all about the next step!  I know what I should be doing next and have the help of Spirit, but that doesn’t always mean I do it!!

I am sure many of you reading this have similar fears about something in your life.  I wanted to share this because I feel it is so important to see what is underneath the surface stuff!  Normally, we don’t want to make changes or do something as we are scared of the unknown.  Sometimes we can actually be as fearful of success as much as we can be of failure.  We all know deep down what is stopping us or holding us back from the dream we have.  It is up to each one of us to acknowledge this truth about ourselves.  As they say, the truth will set you free!!

If you still feel a bit stuck, I urge you to look underneath your surface fears and worries with the help of the full moon so you can really see the truth.  There is no reason for us to hide any longer, especially from ourselves!

Spirit urged me to get my online shop up before the full moon, so I worked hard and it is now online!!  I have been working on this since May, so when I finally pressed the button I had all sorts of emotions come up!  I felt happy, excited, relieved and also still a bit fearful!!  However, I now feel so much freer and more in more power, which is wonderful!

My shop is called Spiritual Delights, so please feel free to have a browse by clicking here!  I will be running a competition each month as it is always lovely to receive a gift!  Nov/Dec competition is to win a silver moonstone pendant!  You will see the competition on the home page if you would like to enter. 

The event tomorrow (25th Nov at 7pm UK time) is for the Full Moon Inner Goddess Empowerment to help awaken our Goddess within and let her shine!  It is run by donation, so you choose what you can afford, although a suggested donation is £5 (about $8).  Please click here for more information and to book.

Your energy exchange donations are always deeply appreciated, so if you feel guided to make a donation, then please click the donate button below, which will take you through to PayPal. Thank you so much.

Wishing you a blissful rest of the month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


November 2015 Energies

I am so glad that we have all got through October relatively unscathed!!  It was a tough month energetically and now we are in the freshness of November!  However, this month may feel brighter and lighter, but there is still so much happening!

Trying to describe this month’s energy had my brain in a bit of a pickle, so I asked Spirit for help.  They told me to write how I feel as this will hopefully convey the current energy we are in!

I feel like I am in a big cardboard box.  I have been in this since September/October and during those months it sometimes felt quite cosy and at other times it felt like the walls were closing in!  I have got up and moved around the box testing the walls and seeing if there was an escape, but then felt a bit overwhelmed so sat back down again!  I have rested in my box, danced in my box and also surrendered in my box, but I am still in my box!!!

The box to me represents the current energies.  We can move around if we want to, we can see cracks of light coming in, sometimes we feel warm and safe and at other times we feel like it is hard to breathe as we feel so contained!   We could easily put our foot through the wall of the box and step out, but it has either felt too scary, too hard or just too much effort!

My intention this month is to break out of my box and release myself from this prison I have created!  Not only am I going to break out, but I am also going to burn the box once and for all!

One of the reasons we all feel so drained is because we are each in our individual boxes and we need to FEEL CONNECTED to each other and Mother Earth once again.

October was all about completion and surrender, whereas, November is a time of empowerment and release.  So how do we get our of our boxes?

Here are some simple steps to help you break free!  I am going to be using these too this month and will give you an update of how I am doing later in the month.  Please feel free to share how you are doing too as we are all in this together!

These steps outlined below are Spirit’s suggestions to help us feel more empowered and to release anything that is still holding us back:

1. Complete anything that you did not finish in October!  This can be anything from practical things around the house to big things, such as ending a negative relationship.  Free yourself!

2. Honour your emotions.  Let yourself ‘FEEL’.  Our emotions are just signals that tell us if we need to change anything or do more of the same.  Allow yourself to really feel them this month and trust that they are showing you the way forward.  If you want to release these feelings, then go for it!  I find sounding really helps me release any negativity.  The best way to do this is really feel the emotion for about 30 seconds, then open your mouth slightly and let whatever sound come out.  Don’t think about the sound, just feel the emotion and the sound that needs to release it will just come out

3. Spend time in nature everyday this month.  It is very important for us all to re-establish our connection with Mother Earth right now.  She helps us renew our energy, so this is a key step!

4. Be STILL for at least 5 minutes every day!  This may not sound like a lot, but I know some of us find it hard to meditate for ages and 5 mins a day will really help!  So, set yourself a goal of 5 mins of quiet time everyday.  This is really helpful to calm our minds, which reduces stress and helps us to connect with Source.

5. LOVE YOUR BODY!  Take some time out each week to indulge yourself!  This can be anything from taking a blissful bath, going to the hairdressers, painting your nails, having a massage, giving yourself healing, or going all out and having a full on pamper day at a spa!  Whatever makes you feel good about your body, do it!  When we look good, we feel good and it also shows the Universe we are ready to step out of our box!

6. Last, but my no means least, is FEEL THE APPRECIATION!  Appreciate all that you have, all that you are, how far you have come and appreciate all those that love you for just being you!  Find something to be grateful for each day of November, but most importantly show yourself some appreciation this month!

I hope these steps help you move through November more easily and I look forward to feeling more connected to each and every one of you once I break out of my box too!

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Wishing you a blissful rest of the month.

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥