May 2015 Energies

Phew!  Thank goodness April is complete!  I am using the word, ‘complete’ as this is what this month has been in a lot of ways, a completion!

After all the energy downloads at the end of March and beginning of April, we moved into the cycle of growing and integrating.  Many of us were repeating lessons that we may not have got the first time around as this was a time for us to understand and take action.

We are all in the process of a big shift!  This isn’t just on an individual basis, although when we are going through our own shift it may feel that way, it is universal and I don’t just mean here on Earth either!  Everything is undergoing a transformation and many of us feel a little lost in the process.  You are not alone.

Mother Earth has also had her share of shifts with the earthquake in Nepal and many volcanoes around the world suddenly waking up from slumber.  She is getting ready for the shift to come too.  Her energy movements affect us all and she is showing us that when we shift there may be some devastation, losses and sadness, but when things break we can also re-build and come together, just like the world has united to help Nepal.

No shift is easy and we have to understand that there will be more changes like this in the world over the next few months and the coming years, which I know is hard to cope with and very upsetting, but this is why we have to prepare and understand the truth of what is happening around us.  So we can be ready if we, ourselves, face a major change in our part of the world.

May is a new beginning in some ways and also what I want to call a ‘gratitude’ month!  The energy around May is very abundant and feels so much lighter than April.  It is the perfect time to practice our gratitude for life, practice self-love and bring forth our abundance!

Life is so fragile here on Earth and it is over in a blink of an eye.  We have such a short amount of time to learn our lessons and understand what we are doing here that we sometimes forget about a really important part of our life, which as you may have guessed is LOVE!

May’s energy is very focused around relationships, not just with others but with ourselves too.  There is a full moon on the 3rd/4th May and this focuses on emotions!  Especially in the area of relationships.  So if something has been building within, now is the time to express yourself, whether that is to do with romance, love or even a break-up, it is time to say how you feel and make some decisions bout how to move forward.  If you are not in a relationship or don’t feel that your emotions have anything to do with a romantic involvement, but you still have feelings bubbling away underneath, then perhaps these feelings are to do with how you view the relationship with yourself!  It is a great time to look deeper and be honest with ourselves.

A friend of mine died suddenly around Easter and I went to his funeral this week.  He was only 45 and it was such a shock to everyone when he died.  I didn’t know him very well as I had only met him and his wonderful wife this year, but his light was so beautiful I loved his energy straight away.  He made others feel good about themselves, which is an amazing quality to have.

I am writing about this as so many people turned up for his funeral there wasn’t enough chairs in the church!  That in itself showed how much this man was loved.   It is hard for those who get left behind in the event of death as our soul returns home and is free once again from the constraints of this planet!  Therefore, death is really a re-birth, but obviously to those death leaves behind it doesn’t feel that way.

Being at his funeral and hearing about his life from those that knew him well and loved him was indeed a celebration of the man he was.  Death makes us all think about life and what is important.  We spend a lot of time, myself included, worrying about the small things and getting stressed about the little things, when what we really need to be doing more of is focusing on the love!

I don’t just mean spending more time with those we love, although that is a good thing to do, I actually want to talk about self-love.  I have done many readings and obviously my own personal work and one area that comes up time and time again for everyone, myself included, is not feeling good enough, which is all to do with self-love.

After going to the funeral, I thought about how much time I actually spend with myself!  I thought I have done a lot of work on loving myself and feeling worthy of love in return, but do I actually show myself that I love me!  The answer to that question was no, not really, so this opened my eyes to the steps I needed to take next.

All forms of love are important, whether it is romantic love, self-love, animal love, family love or friend love.  Love is the key ingredient in our lives and without it, what would be the point in doing anything?

Loving others also means that we take a risk and this brings up fear.  They could hurt us in the future, they could die or leave or just take away their love from us.  We may even be afraid that we are not loveable, so we don’t take that risk at all.

Love is always a risk, but when we truly love ourselves, there are no risk as the only person that can take away the love is us!  We are all so desperate to be loved, as this helps us with our feelings of not being good enough, that we forget about the person who can love us unconditionally and forever.  Ourselves.

Take time this month to spend time with yourself.  Sitting and daydreaming helps us to connect with ourselves, going for a walk in nature, taking the time to write down our dreams, nurturing ourselves, taking ourselves out on a date or wearing our favourite outfit, not because it is a special occasion, but because we just want to feel good!

There are a million different ways to make ourselves feel special, do one today and give yourself some love!  May is a wonderful time to practice self-love and gratitude.  The energy is very supportive in all areas of relationships, especially with ourselves.

I also feel like we should celebrate all our hard work this year and the ending of a big cycle.  So to celebrate how far we have come, I am offering 15% off everything on my site, excluding Earth Light Reiki.  There is no minimum spend and you can use it often as you like throughout May! Here is the discount code, VLMAY15 if you feel guided to treat yourself at Violet-Light!

As usual, Luke, my Soulmate and I will be doing another FREE healing this month, which is on Sunday 10th May to help everyone cope with these energies a little bit more easily!  If you would like to join up, just click this link to be taken to the Facebook event, which has more information.  You can also sign up your fur babies too!

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Wishing you a blissful month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

April 2015 Energies

The energy downloads during the last few days of March were intense!!  I was up at 4.30am on 1st April as I just couldn’t lie in bed with the energy coming through as it was so strong it made me feel wired, so I had to get up!  These energy downloads are all leading up to the next eclipse which is happening tomorrow (4th April).  We are basically being re-booted and re-wired.  So you may feel lots of ascension symptoms happening right now.

You may have felt the following:

  • Extra tired, no matter how much sleep you are getting.  This means you may need more rest to help integrate the downloads coming in.
  • Your memory/mind feels a bit foggy and you keep forgetting things! This is due to the extra energy coursing through us and the fact we are all releasing old negative patterns.  This has an effect on the brain!
  • Your physical body feels either sore or lethargic.  This is because our physical bodies are adjusting and re-building themselves to cope with the higher frequencies.  Epsom salt baths should help ease this a little.
  • Feeling un-grounded even if grounding regularly!  This is due to the higher frequencies as well and they are shaking things up a little.  Once the energy calms down again, we should feel much more grounded.  I suggest getting out into nature everyday at the moment to re-balance.

Be aware that everyone is receiving these downloads, whether spiritually awake or not!  So if you are finding that some people are acting out of character then this maybe the reason.  Those who are not awake will have no idea what is going on and you may find that they are directing their own issues at you!  This may come in the form of anger, jealousy or depression.  If you are finding people you know are behaving a little strangely towards you, then tune in and check if it is actually to do with you or their own issues coming up.

I wanted to write about this as if someone we care about is directing negative energy at us it obviously upsets us and makes us feel bad.  So we need to make sure we understand why it is happening.  This way we can be more compassionate by understanding that they are going through some stuff and facing their own fears.  We may want to share with them what is going on at the moment energetically as this may help them to understand their own feelings.  I would suggest only doing this if you feel they would be open and receptive, otherwise you may be on the receiving end of more negativity!  The other option, which is a very important one, is making sure we protect our own energy and step away from any drama that is occurring.  Remember, we are getting these downloads too and our bodies and minds may not be able to cope that well right now with additional stress and tension!

The energy will become easier a few days to a week after the eclipse as the energy downloads should cease for a while to give us room to breathe, grow and integrate.

I wrote about the 20th March being a key date in my last couple of updates and that this would be a trigger point.  Around this time, I felt the energy pushing us harder, speeding everything up and then the energy downloads started coming in!  It kind of feels as though we are back in 2014!!!  We are in the midst of an ending and a new beginning happening, which started around the 20th March and will end with the eclipse on 3rd April.  This period has produced intense energy and is very transformational for each one of us.  These last few months have all been building up to this date in terms of letting things go so the path is clear for new opportunities to come in.

I did wonder what may happen around the 20th March as Spirit also said that we should prepare ourselves and part of me was a little disappointed in that nothing ‘physically’ happened.  This was obviously my ego taking hold as I had put out there that we all needed to prepare ourselves and then nothing happened!!  So, I asked Spirit why I had to write about this date and preparation.  The answers I got were very interesting!

Spirit said to me that we all needed to get more prepared (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and that was one of the main reasons for me being guided to write about this in February.  Spirit said there is no point in waiting until something big is definitely coming as preparing the mind is quite a challenge for us down here, so they wanted to give us as much time as they could!  Spirit also said for us to look at this as a type of insurance!  If we own car, we take out insurance on it, not because we think we are definitely going to have an accident, but because we want to be prepared just in case something does happen!

They also said that there is a lot going on behind the scenes, in terms of governments, banks etc that we are not seeing at the moment.  Spirit reminded me that just because we do not see ‘physical proof’, doesn’t mean that things are not happening!!  We all certainly felt the energy downloads and shifts during this time period!

I have also been reading up on other people’s views and predictions on what is to come this year.  A number of people have all said that between March and September is the key time for things to happen.  A lot of this is tied into the four blood moons, which started on 15th April 2014.  The second was on 8th October 2014, the third will happen tomorrow (4th April 2015) and the fourth one will be on 28th September 2015.

A blood Moon is sometimes used to describe a Total Lunar Eclipse. When the Earth casts its shadow on a Full Moon and eclipses it, the Moon may get a red glow.

I find reading the prophesies around the four blood moons very interesting as a lot of things do tie in with what has been said.  However, for me personally it is the energy around these dates that interest me more!  These eclipses create very strong and powerful energies!

We are feeling like everything has speeded up again because the energy is pushing us into being part of the higher frequencies rather than resting below them.  What this means is that the law of attraction is even more powerful!!  So be careful of your thoughts and words!  As you know our thoughts, words and actions create our world, so when we feel really excited, happy or just generally positive about things, we find more good things come our way.  The same goes when we are feeling negative or unhappy!  We tend to attract more of the same.

The higher frequencies we are all experiencing are increasing this 100x, so the good news is that we get faster results, however the bad news is that if we are not sending out happy, positive energy then the universe will send us things we really don’t want more quickly!  I would suggest working on your gratitude and abundance every day as this helps us stay in a more positive vibration plus when we send these words and thoughts out to the universe they manifest even faster now!!  I guess Spirit were right when they said 2015 is the year of abundance, only we have control over what type of abundance we receive, positive or negative!

This is the perfect time to re-create our reality and world as the energies are there for us to use and bring about change for the better!  Go create something wonderful this month!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this energy update and I hope it has helped you understand more about what is going on at the moment!  As usual, Luke, my Soulmate and I will be doing another FREE healing this month, which is on Tues 7th April to help everyone cope with these energies a little bit more easily!  If you would like to join up, just click this link to be taken to the Facebook event, which has more information.  You can also sign up your pets too!

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Wishing you a blissful month and a very joyful Easter.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

Mother Earth Guided Meditation

I am very excited as I have finished recording and editing my first FREE guided meditation!!  I have now set up a YouTube channel as I will be doing one of these each month to help everyone, so please subscribe if you feel guided!  To subscribe, just click on the YouTube button at the bottom right on the actual video.  This one is called the Mother Earth Meditation to helps us re-balance our bodies and minds.  I really hope you enjoy it.

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Love & Blessings Sarah <3

March 2015 Energies

March is a BIG month not just energetically, but also astrological as well!  I wrote last month about preparing ourselves for what is to come, not just for this month, but also for the rest of the year ahead.  March continues with this theme and the energy will feel much faster in terms of the flow, especially compared to February.  This will intensify as we move through the month, so if you feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, stop, breathe and surrender!

There are huge changes happening on our planet at the moment and it feels as though all the plates are spinning up in the air and we are waiting with bated breath to see which one drops first and how this one will affect the others.  Will they continue to spin or will some of them fall too?

I feel that we are living in such uncertain times, that I can no longer just write about what is happening with the current energy.  I feel guided to include what is also happening in the world as well.  This has an impact on all of us no matter where we live.  Spirit is saying to me as I write this, the wheel is turning, so you have to turn with it!  I started to write my energy updates to help others navigate their way through the energetic challenges, but I now feel that I also need to become a bit more real in terms of what I write as even though we can and should be positive, live in the moment and keep our vibration high, we also need to be realistic as to what is happening around us.

There are so many people writing about the current energy and lots of people writing about what is happening in our world, but I haven’t seen that many people putting them both together.  So you either get lots of positive news and told not to worry as everything will work itself out or you get doomsday people writing about how the world is going to end.  I feel my calling now is to start to bridge that gap.

I still want my energy updates to help us all navigate our way through the months ahead, but I also want them to be based on truth.  I know some of you reading this may not like me moving away from what I normally write, but it is time to shake things up!!

I like to read about what is happening in our world and not just the mainstream news, but alternative sites as well.  There are a lot of articles that don’t speak the whole truth, but if you put this information together and use your intuition you can start to see the bigger picture in terms of all the changes occurring.  I felt that this was a really well written article on some of the things happening right now and I wanted to share it with you all.  Not to bring doom and gloom, but to show that our world cannot continue as it is currently.  We are using up all of our natural resources and Sao Paulo, Brazil is a prime example of this as they only have about 2 months supply of water left!  Sao Paulo is home to over 20 million people and this is not just in alternative news it is all over the mainstream news too.  This is massive and could bring about immense change and we haven’t seen anything like this before in our lifetimes.  Please click here if you would like to read the article.

This is just one of the plates spinning!  We also have the rising tensions between Russia and the West, the economy crisis in the US and also in Europe, oil prices, radiation spread from Fukushima, climate change and the list goes on!  Something has got to give this year, whether that is Mother Earth herself or man-made destruction, change will happen!  But, remember what I wrote last month about the tower falling, so it could be re-built into something beautiful.  This is why we are here, so we need to be able to face what is coming and release any fear so we can help re-build.  That is why preparation is so important, not just in terms of the practical side, but emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually too.

The 20th March, which was a key date I was given last month by Spirit is also the Equinox and a  Solar Eclipse happens on this date too!  So there is a lot of activity happening around this time.  I have been having a read about this as I am not an astrologer, as it feels very important to what may happen around this date!  The Solar Eclipse is in the final degree of the zodiac, the 30th degree of Pisces and this indicates an ending of some kind.  It is the start of a new cycle and the beginning of something different and new.  What is very interesting is that the Solar Eclipse could disrupt power supplies in Europe.  This again is in the mainstream media.  I found a good article in the Telegraph, just click here to read.  Perhaps this is why I got that we should have some extra supplies around this date!  Candles should definitely go on the list just in case!

As you can see there is a lot going on at the moment and I feel the bubble will burst at some point this year.  Nothing may happen in March or it may be on a small-scale, however we will see big changes over the course of 2015, so it is best to be prepared!  I feel the astrological signs and the energy around 20th March is a trigger point, which makes sense with regard to an ending of a cycle from the Solar Eclipse.  This could then trigger a new beginning as the opportunity for everyone to wake up and change how we are treating Mother Earth and a new approach will be needed.

I have been doing a lot of work on myself during February and have had a few dark days where I wanted to resist the change that is coming and just pretend that everything will go on as normal forever!  The fear I had was immense as I am a bit of a homebody and I really don’t like change, although I have had to go through a lot of it over the past few years with the travelling and moving!  I understand that these have all been lessons to get me to this point where I need to release the fear and trust that I will be safe as this was my biggest fear.  What was interesting was that I had stomach ache for a number of days as I didn’t want to face my fear and as I wasn’t doing anything about it, it turned physical!  I have now released it and feel so much lighter and better.  I still have some anxiety, which I am working through, but as you all know healing ourselves and letting go is a process!!

I wanted to share this with you all as I understand that many of you will be feeling the same way as me and if you are reading this, then you may also need to comes to terms with change or your own fears about security, family, money, etc.  We each will have something that comes up when we think about a big change to our lives and this is what we all need to focus on healing now more than ever before, so if and when something happens that is outside of our control, we don’t go into panic mode and stop listening to our intuition.

I feel that this is the key during the coming times, our intuition, and why Spirit are urging me to write about the changes coming and asking all of us to prepare in this way.  If we all suddenly drop our vibration if something does happen and then stop listening to our intuition then we won’t know what to do next.  We effectively turn off our light and if we all did this, then the amount of work and effort we have all put in over the years will be for nothing!  We help light up the world with our energy and help people have hope, so we all need to keep our lights on!!  It doesn’t matter if they flicker from time to time, but we can’t let them go out completely!

If we can prepare ourselves as much as possible in terms of facing any fears we have around the world-changing, then we will be in a much better position to help ourselves, our loved ones and those around us in times of uncertainty as we will be able to connect and receive information.  whether that is from our Guides, Angels, Spirit or intuition.  However you work doesn’t matter, it is being able to keep our vibration high enough to still connect and get the answers we seek that is important.

Question to ask yourself this month:

Stop and think for a moment about something happening around where you live.  Perhaps the power goes down, the water goes off, you can’t get to the supermarket for food and other people are getting a little angry and your car is low on gas!  What feelings does this bring up?  Write these feelings down and then ‘FEEL’ what is the ‘BIGGEST’ one.  Try not to over analyse it, just listen to what your body and heart is telling you!

As I wrote earlier, my biggest fear is not feeling safe, which is all to do with being in control!  So if everything changes in some way and I have no control over it, then I won’t feel safe and this would bring up panic and fear and I wouldn’t be able to help myself or others.  Therefore, this is my base issue!

Some of you may feel nothing or not that concerned, if this is the case, then you are either blocking your feelings like I did where I told myself this is all crazy and nothing will ever happen OR you may be someone who has already worked through their fears, which is wonderful, congratulations!!  However, if you know you haven’t worked through your fears and know it is a block of some kind, then you need to take this work one step at a time.  I would suggest reading some world news, going to some alternative news sites and generally researching what is happening to our planet to start with.  This will help you understand more about what is going on and sometimes just by seeing things in print or pictures can have an effect on us in terms of facing the truth.  Don’t go crazy in terms of research, otherwise this could have the opposite effect and make you not want to look at anything, so be selective and try to use your intuition each time you read or watch something to see how it feels to you.  You will know when you are ready to ask yourself the question above again and then you will see how the answer will have changed!

Spirit is saying that we all need to be kinder to each other during this period as there may be some upheaval.  We are all where we need to be right now and they want to thank us all for working so hard on ourselves to bring in more light and love to our planet.  Spirit also want to congratulate us on our individual journey’s as they know it hasn’t been an easy ride.

Use the energy of March to really understand who you are and how you cope with change.  Our biggest fear is actually the base issue that we are all working on in terms of our healing.  Once you uncover what this is, you will suddenly see how everything you have been working through and healing links to it!!  The stuff we have all been working through for so many years are all the layers on top, but we needed to get rid of the other layers before we could uncover the base issue.  It is now time to get to the bottom layer of our truth, which is what holds us back from being our authenic selves.

So look at the changes coming in a positive way!  Change helps us discover what we like, what we don’t like, what we are afraid of and also how we cope.  All of these coming changes will show you what your base issue is and when we have that understanding, life becomes a whole lot simpler to navigate!  I am not saying that clearing and releasing the base issue will be easy, but it will show you what you need to do next, especially what to do to get yourself out of your comfort zone as I wrote about earlier in the year!  It shows us what we need to heal in order to be our true self, which is a journey all of its own!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this energy update and I hope it has given you some food for thought and how to work through what will come.  As usual, Luke, my Soulmate and I will be doing another FREE healing this month, which is on Sat 7th March to help everyone on their journey.  If you would like to join up, just click this link to be taken to the Facebook event, which has more information.  You can also sign up your pets too!

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Wishing you a blissful month

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

February 2015 Energies

February is a lot more peaceful than January, thank goodness, and you may find that everything has started to slow down a little and you have a bit more time!  The new energy of 2015 has now settled in and integrated, which was the reason that January seemed rather chaotic as we were all still adjusting!  Plus Mercury in retrograde didn’t help as this brought things back up to the surface that we hadn’t finished dealing with since the last one in October.

We have a full moon today (3rd Feb), which helps us wrap things up from last month as it is all to do with endings and completion.  The full moon can also bring emotions to the surface, so if this happens, then try to understand if there is something you need to release or say goodbye to as now is the perfect time to get closure.  There is a window of opportunity for about 4-5 days around the full moon to tie up any loose ends.  I feel this is important because we were still partly in the 2014 energies in January, plus the new energy was still integrating, so there may have been some things we needed to clear, but didn’t get the chance as we were so busy!  So use this week to finalise and complete anything still remaining from last year!

February’s energy has a nice calming feel, but it also feel a bit like the calm before the storm and the word I am getting for this month is ‘preparation’.  As you know from following my blog, I am neither a ‘prepper’ or a ‘doomsday’ person, so this is something that I found quite uncomfortable to write about, but here goes!  Spirit is loving getting me out of my comfort zone!

As you know, we all came down here at this time to be of service and to help Mother Earth and each other.  We have been working hard at bringing in more light and we have all done a fantastic job.  Over the past few years we have each been moved into position so we are in the best location to help.  We have been pushed (sometimes shoved) into clearing and releasing all that is not for our highest good and this has caused many of us to have a few melt downs along the way (myself included!) so we could all be ready for the next stage of the journey, which is just starting to happen now.

Over the last few weeks I have been getting that March will be a key month in terms of change and I have been guided to start preparing both practically and spiritually.  I still don’t know what is going to happen or if it will definitely be in March, but I have been feeling that around the 20th March something big may happen and this has been constant for the last two weeks.

We each need to trust our own intuition when it comes to this sort of thing, so please read what I have written and then really feel if it is relevant for you.

I am getting that we should stock up on at least one week’s worth of food and water and if possible a bit more.  I am doing this myself and making sure I have extra pet food as well!  I am being guided to let everyone know so we can all be prepared for any eventuality.  I get the feeling that we may need these extra resources during March.

I have asked the reason why and what I get is a mixture of images, bad weather, power going down for a few days, a volcano and big waves.  I know this is a whole load of things, but what I feel is that a few small things could happen, which creates something big.  Whatever the reason, I feel it is better to be safe than sorry, hence why I am following my own guidance.  I live in the UK, but I also feel that those in other parts of Europe and also in America should see what they feel about preparing this month.

Timelines are changing every day as the energy is a lot more volatile than it was a few years ago, so predictions are hard to make in terms of an accurate date.  So it maybe that this doesn’t happen in March, but occurs later in the year instead, but we are being guided to prepare now so we are ready in all ways if something does happen!

I see lots of different timelines and they change frequently, so I only pay attention when I get the same thing over a longer period.  As I have seen and felt this for the last few weeks I decided to act on it rather than just worrying!  I didn’t really want to write my energy update this month as I knew I would have to add this in and I prefer not writing things that may worry others.  But now we are in these new energies, things will change whether we want them to or not and this is something I have been working on myself as I don’t like change!!  So this month is not just about preparing practically, it is also about preparing mentally, emotionally and spiritually so we are ready for any situation that may occur.

If our world changes and we can’t cope then we won’t be able to do our mission that we all came down here to do.  This is the main reason why we have all been pushed so hard in terms of our spiritual growth in the last few years.  We need to be able to keep calm and listen to our inner guidance if something changes or goes wrong in our world so we can help ourselves, our loved ones and those around us.  As I am writing this I am being shown the ‘Tower’ card from the tarot and this fits exactly as to what needs to happen here on Earth!  The tower needs to fall before it can be re-built and we all need to be ready to go through the upheaval the tower may create by falling down.  Then we can all help to re-build the tower into something beautiful.

Use the energies of February to stop and think about what you need to do next.  Do you feel you should prepare, if so is this practically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually?  When you think of change, what emotions does it bring up in you?  Do you feel fearful or scared?  If so, you are not alone as I am a little scared about what may happen in the future, but this is what I have been working on and will continue to do so this month to release.  It is funny because as I am writing this I have released some of my fear about sharing what I am getting about the world and knowing you are all out there fills me with strength.  We are all in this together whatever happens, so please listen to YOU this month and see what YOU need to do as the next part of the journey unfolds.

I would love to hear your views about the current energy, how you feel and/or any predictions you may have about 2015, so please feel free to post your comments below.

I wanted to end this update on a bit more of an uplifting note, so I wanted to share that Luke, my soul mate, and I will be running a FREE Healing Event in the first week of every month throughout 2015.  We wanted to do this each month to help everyone start the month in the best way possible.

The next one is Sat 7th Feb at 8pm UK time, although you can receive when you choose.  More information is posted on my Facebook page, Violet-Light.  The event is open to everyone, including animals, so if you would like to sign up, then please click here and you will see the post pinned to the top left of the main page. 

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say a great BIG THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog, comments, shares my posts and also to all those who donated last month.  I felt embarrassed and scared when I put up my donate button and thought no one will do that!!!  Ye of little faith!!  When I received the first donation, I was so overwhelmed I burst into tears!  It wasn’t the actual money, although that is very much appreciated, it was the fact that someone had taken the time and gave me some of their hard-earned cash as they enjoyed reading my work!  Words can’t really describe how I felt as I was blown away by people’s kindness and it made me realise that what I write really does help people.  So thank you all so much.  I guess this just shows when we do something that makes us uncomfortable it brings us such amazing rewards, such as how much love there is out there!  I am deeply blessed and very grateful.

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Wishing you a blissful month

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

January 2015 Energies

This energy update for January is a little late seeing as it is already the 13th!  Like many of you, things have been a bit hectic in my life recently and I am trying hard to get myself into more of a routine!  Being in a routine is important during 2015 as we all have lots to do and also if we are not organised this year, we may find we miss out on opportunities or become rather stressed!  2014 pushed us hard to complete and release!  2015 won’t feel as ‘pushy’, but will still be fast paced, the main difference is that we are the ones that need to do the ‘pushing’ not the energies, hence why some sort of routine, organisation or just plain prioritising will help us enormously!

As I said in my December update, the new energies for 2015 didn’t really kick off until 6th January.  You may have found that you were feeling a bit out of sorts as the energy was twisting and changing into something new!  The 11th Jan was also a key date as we had a big energy download and this may have brought up some of our fears, worries and even anger!  These feelings are all perfectly natural and just because the energy has changed, everything still has to adjust, integrate and settle down, including us!

As I am writing this I feel that today, 13th Jan, is a lot calmer and more stable.  The high vibrational energies have found a way to anchor in and are not in the middle of really high energy (above us) and really low energy (below us) with us stuck somewhere in the centre not really knowing what is going on!  This is the best way I can describe the first couple of weeks in 2015!

If you feel a bit overwhelmed by your to do list or what you want to achieve this year, then the second half of January is the perfect energy to be able to organise, prioritise and get into a better routine!  Take some quiet time this week and work out your dreams that you would like to see come to fruition.  If you have a big dream, that is wonderful, but you will need to break it down into little steps!  We all have dreams, big and small, but half the time we only think about them when we relax and then we wish we had the energy to go after them!  Don’t let that happen this year!!!

Writing a list of your dreams down on paper will help your abundance for 2015 and will also get your logical brain in gear to really see what ‘pops’ out and makes you smile!  I guess this is a little like making new year resolutions, but it is not quite the same as the difference is that we are not agreeing to things that we really don’t feel like doing, but perhaps society says we should!  See the difference?!  Our dreams are our power and are desires help us grow.  If we ignore our dreams, we then don’t fulfil our soul purpose or step into our true power.

Questions to ask this month:

Are you happy in general?  If the answer is no, ask yourself why not?  What is it about your life that makes you feel unhappy?  Pinpoint the reason or reasons why.  This will give you a starting point to see what you really need to change.

What are your dreams?  Have fun with this question and don’t let fear, practicalities such as money. time, etc stop you from dreaming BIG!!!  Write them ALL down, big and small. No dream is too small or too big!  For example, one of your dreams could just be to have an hour or two all to yourself each week to do what YOU want!  Understand what YOU need and desire in your life, don’t worry about what others are doing or what other people think you should be doing, do what makes you happy this year.

Once you have got this far, take a moment to see how you are feeling.  Do you feel excited, happy, fearful, sad, frustrated etc?  When we look at our lives like this, it can help us bring up some of our issues that are stopping us moving forward, such as any of the negative feelings I have listed or it can get us motivated and excited about our next steps when we have positive emotions.

If you feel any negative emotions, then you need to ask yourself why and work on releasing these.  Perhaps you may feel frustrated because you realise you need to change direction as what you have been doing is not quite right for you any more.  Perhaps you feel fearful because your dreams seem to be so big!  There are many reasons why you might feel a negative emotion, but remember this is a process and we all need to uncover the reasons WHY we aren’t happy or WHY we aren’t following our dreams.

We can all blame other things, such as ‘I don’t have enough time.’ ‘I have no energy after my hard day’s work.’  ‘I have too many things to do!’  This is all surface ‘stuff’ and not the underlying reason WHY!  It is up to us this year and January in particular to work out what is holding us back from stepping into our power and manifesting the reality we want!  By uncovering the deeper issue will help us each to release what no longer serves our highest good and get us back on track.

Use the second part of January to get yourself back into abundance mode!  Begin by answering the questions above to understand what you truly want from life.  2015 is not the time to hold back!

This is the year where we need to step forward and begin to start manifesting the abundance and happiness that is rightfully ours.  Remember, this is what we all have been working so hard for over the last few years!  Now is the time to see all our hard work come to fruition, but we can only reap what we have sown by going out there and collecting it!

By doing this exercise will help you focus on you, your life and what your next steps should be.  Remember, you don’t need to do everything in one go!  Take baby steps and plan a new routine that will help you be more organised, give you more time for your dreams and prioritise what is really important.  We are not machines and can only do so much!  Perhaps set yourself goals to achieve each week or month, so you have something to work towards.  Try and push yourself by thinking about what would take you out of your comfort zone as this is also a key part of our growth this year!  Anything that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable is a good thing to do!!

Therefore I am going to do just that right here on my blog!  Spirit has asked me to add a ‘donate’ button to my energy updates!  This makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable as I know this is part of my work and I don’t want to charge for it!  However, it does take up quite a bit of my time and so placing a donate button here is all part of me believing in myself (stepping more into my power) and having the confidence to value my work!  I wanted to show you that I too have to step out of my comfort zone and thought if I explain it this way, that it may give you a little push into believing in yourselves too!  Therefore if you know you should do something, but it feels uncomfortable. then it is probably the next step on your path, so go for it!!  Trust and believe in YOU!

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Wishing you a blissful month and a very happy 2015!

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

2015 Energies – The Year of Abundance!

I was looking back at what I had written about 2014 and it made a lot of sense!  2014 supported our next stage of growth and helped us all to look at the darker side of ourselves, which is never pretty, but a necessity to reach the higher stages of spiritual growth!

We released, as a collective, so much baggage in 2014 that we allowed ourselves to really  start to understand who we are, what we want and be able to take the first steps into our power.

I also wrote it was the year of magnificence, but also of doubts!  I felt this was very true as we all grew magnificently, but also during our clearing periods had times of doubt and fear about whether we were on the right path!

2015 is the year of abundance and the reason Spirit has given me this is two-fold.  Firstly, this year is all about realising our true potential and coming out of this doubt into faith!  All the hard work we put in last year should come to fruition in 2015.  This was one of the reasons time seemed to move so fast and we kept being urged to release and release during 2014, so we could be ready for 2015!

Secondly, 2015 is the start of a new cycle of energy, this is true every year, but 2015 is rather different!  2014 ended a period of cleansing, reviewing and moving, which had been going on for a number of years.  This previous energy was needed to push us to where we need to be right now!  This included; releasing as much as we could, getting our homes, work etc in order, physically moving to a new place, if guided, so we could be in the right space for the new energy.  Many of us moved house in 2014 or are planning too soon in the coming months.  We are each being guided to be in the right location so we can help to anchor the high vibrational energies in the correct place.

2015 has a much higher frequency and vibration compared to 2014 and the years previous to this.  The energy this year is all about stepping forward and doing rather than just focusing on the clearing and releasing!  Of course, we will still need to work on our own spiritual progression and take time for self-healing, but the energy this year will have a way of pushing us out of our comfort zones into doing more to increase our confidence, increase our trust in ourselves, increase our joy for life and of course increase our abundance!

Take a moment to think about how far you have come since the start of 2014.  How much have you released?!  Do you feel more confident in your own abilities?  Do you love yourself a little more than you did?  What are you most proud of yourself for in 2014?  Taking time to answer these questions will show you just how far you have come.  And if there is anyone reading this who does not have any positive answers to these questions, then I don’t believe you and nor does Spirit, so try again!!!  Spirit asked me to put that last sentence in as we know there maybe a few doubters out there!  2015 is not the year for doubt, it is the year for faith in YOU!!!

2015 added together equals the number 8, which is a feminine number with all those curves!  The number 8 means many things;  Abundance is on its way to you, self-reliance, inner-wisdom and success!  As you can see all these meanings are showing you that YOU are the key driving force this year, not the energies which has been the case for so long.  It is finally the year that all our hard work pays off!

The other part of this meaning for me is the Goddess energy will really come into play this year, hence the feminine feel!  It is time to connect with our inner Goddesses, and if you are a man reading this the same applies, as we should all be balanced with feminine & masculine energy!  So embrace your inner Goddess this year and also call upon the Goddess for her help with whatever you are planning to do in 2015!

2015 will be an extremely interesting year for many of us.  There will be many highs, but also a few lows.  More truths will come to light about extraterrestrial life, there will be more big weather and Earth related events, especially in America and around Indonesia.  The economy will have some big fluctuations and there maybe times when we wonder what on earth is going on in the world!  Times are changing and changing fast, time-lines keep moving, so it is even more difficult to predict future events than it ever was before!  If things become a little chaotic this year, remember to ground yourself back into your reality rather than the world’s, even though I know this is hard to do, we all need to take a step back and understand what we need to focus on.

Spirit want to leave us with this message:

“Let yourself boldly go where you never thought you could!  Trust in love.  Trust in the light.  But most importantly trust in yourself this year.”

Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all a joyful and very abundant 2015!

Love Sarah ♥