October Energies

I was planning to write this on the 1st October, so I am rather late at getting this posted!  One of the reasons is that Spirit has been giving me more information over the last few days about what is happening so I can explain more fully and the other reason is that I have been going through my own stuff!

September was certainly a busy month for most of us and October saw the energy change quite dramatically with Mercury in Retrograde and a heavier energy settling in.

October has been a strange month in many ways and I have heard from a lot of people that they have felt a bit disconnected this month.  They have also said that things that were happening in September and looking good have stalled or now not going anywhere.

Spirit has told me that October is a time to complete.  September was an action month, which started things moving and October is all about finalising, completing and clearing out!  This relates to everything, not just spiritual matters, and actually October is much more about ‘Earthy’ stuff than spiritual growth!  We are all spiritual beings, however the practical stuff still has to get done!

I was told by spirit that the time is now to clear out, so we are free to move into 2015 easily.  So you may have found you felt the urge to de-clutter your home, sort out your car and office and generally got yourself more organised! This helps to clear the energy around us so our own energy can flow into new ventures.

Completion is very important in all areas of our lives as Spirit explained to me that if we leave loose ends, then they get stuck in our energy fields and trail along behind us.  The less we complete and finalise things, the more loose ends we create.  This can block our energy and also stop us from being able to move forward.  If you think about pieces of wool that have all got caught up together, they start to form a large ball of wool.  If you have lots of stuff to complete, you may have blocked up your whole energy field with balls of wool!  The universe may also take it as a sign that you don’t want to start anything new yet as you haven’t finished what you started!  I liked the way Spirit explained this and it makes perfect sense!!

Tying up our loose ends needs to be completed by the end of 2014, however it is the most beneficial to get this done by the end of November if possible as December will be an interesting month!!  If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest you write a list of things that need to be done, especially the ones you have been putting off!!  This can include the practical stuff, releasing emotions, people and also situations that are not helping you any more.

We need to be able to travel light and also let go of anything that doesn’t serve our highest good.  We have all changed a huge amount in the last year and we may find that when we look back on how far we have come we want to make more changes as we may have outgrown other people, changed our hobbies, want a new job etc.  Now is the time to clear everything out that you no longer need or want.  Get rid of all your loose ends and then watch how your life begins to change for the better!

I wanted to come back to those feeling disconnected as I wanted to assure you all that if you are feeling this it is perfectly natural!  The energy is heavy this month, which doesn’t help and normally if we feel like this it means we should be focusing on something else!  So if you are feeling disconnected then have a look at what loose ends you need to tie up as it is probably Spirit’s way of getting you to concentrate on what is important right now!

I also wanted to touch on all the things that are happening all over the world at the moment, wuch as Ebola, crazy weather, the concern about war and the list goes on!  Many people are feeling a lot more fear than before due to everything that is happening and this is having an effect on the current energies.  All this extra fear is adding a layer of dense energy to everything!  We are moving into unprecedented times and the world as we know it is changing dramatically.  How the change will come is not completely known yet as there are many time-lines, but we need to let go of our fear about the things that are happening around us so we can focus on getting ourselves as clear as possible so we are in a position to help others when the time comes.

We all came down here for a reason and the main reason is to help others and Mother Earth.

The keyword is RELEASE this month.  Release as much as you can over the next couple of months so you are in the best place to help others and yourself.

Until next time, have a blissful month!

Love Sarah ♥

September Energies

I was really looking forward to September energies after all the crazy months of energy shifts and downloads we have had to cope with so far this year!!  September is still a ‘busy’ energy month, but it doesn’t feel quite as hard as the last few months, phew I hear you all say!!

Don’t get your hopes up quite yet as even though September is lighter in terms of energy shifts and downloads, this is very much a month of action!! All the things we have started or planned this year need to be finalised and worked through over the next couple of months.  September has a higher vibration compared to August as we have all shifted, released and let go of so much that we have a little reprieve now, so we can get our heads down and crack on with the more practical stuff!  So yes this month is easier in terms of the intense energies we have all been feeling, but now we all need to work hard in getting everything organised!

The start of September up until the full moon on the 9th is a time to really understand how far we have actually come and see what we need to do next.  This period is partly a time for reflection, but also for us to start getting things lined up for the next stage of our journey.   This full moon may bring quite a few emotions to the surface if we haven’t fully released everything, so be gentle with yourself if this happens to you on the days around the 9th September.

The first few days after the 9th may be a bit hard in terms of the energy, so use these days to nurture and pamper yourself if you feel tired or a bit down.  It will depend on how you handle energy shifts and also what you are going through, so it won’t be the same for everyone, but this period may be tough for some, so I just wanted to let you know it is okay if you feel like this!

Remember we are all unique and everyone is where they need to be, no one is going faster or slower than anyone else.  Listen to your body’s needs, rather than anyone else’s views and you won’t go to far wrong!

Once we get into the middle of the month, things should really take off!  The energy will lift a lot higher than it has been for ages and we should feel compelled to act!  I can see how this is already panning out for myself this month as I feel like I am still partly on the roller-coaster of August, but I can feel it slowing down and I am already taking steps in terms of what I need to do next.

This energy may feel a little ‘pushy’ as it is action energy, so don’t get so caught up in all the changes that you forget to breathe or have relaxation time!  This is so easily done when we get excited and can see things progressing well!  Take time this month just to stop and check on yourself.  Ask yourself;  Am I pushing myself too hard?  Do I need to take a break?  What can wait and be done tomorrow? If we push ourselves too hard this month, we won’t have any energy leftover to continue the action in October!!

This month is all about making sure we are in the right place to move forward with ease and grace.  We have all done so much ground work over the last few months and pushed ourselves hard in terms of releasing and getting our physical, emotional and mental bodies back on track.  Now it is time to let our spiritual self and intuition guide us through these next couple of months!

We all know what we really want, even if that dream is buried under all our worries and stress!  If we trust in ourselves, then our own intuition is never going to lead us wrong!  This month is a wonderful blend of high vibrational energy mixed with action packed energy!  So the easiest way to move forward is to let go of control and let our intuition guide us so our minds are free to be able to focus on the practical action part!

As the energy is high this month, please keep yourself grounded otherwise you may find yourself daydreaming and floating off too much, so you may end up missing out on all the action if this happens!  This is the main reason, I have chosen a grounding attunement for my next attunement event to help us all stay grounded and in balance this month.  We need this much more than we have done in the past!  As usual this is by donation and a suggested donation is £5, but you can pay more or less depending on how much you can afford, which means this energy is available to everyone, which is my intention.

If you are interested in checking this out, it will be on Sunday 7th September and is the Great Turtle Empowerment.  I am really excited about this event as I am running it with my soulmate, Luke, who also channelled this attunement.  So you will receive double the energy!!!  Please click this link for more info.  The Great Turtle Empowerment Attunement Event

Until next time, stay grounded and have a blissful month!

Love Sarah ♥

August Energies!

What a month July was, the world went crazy and on top of trying to get our heads round everything that was going on, we also got our own personal share of chaos from all the energy downloads we received.  These energy downloads were intense and not only made our heads spin, but our bodies too!  We are all still in the process of integrating all this new energy we have received, so be gentle with yourself for the next few days.  We get a reprieve up until around the 4th August, before the energy changes again, so enjoy the next few days off!

August is a puzzling month in some ways and I’m sitting here wondering how I explain it all!  August on one hand feels a bit like the calm before the storm, yet on the other hand August is going to have its fair share of crazy energy at times!  I feel that the best way to give you some idea of what will happen in August is to share some of the key dates when I feel the energy will either shift or grow in its intensity.  I don’t normally do this, but this feels the right thing to do for this month as there are so many things going on it is hard to explain in words!

Here are the dates:

4th/5th August – Energy Shift
7th to 12th August – Intensity Increases (10th August is a big Supermoon!)
19th/20th August – Energy Shift
22nd to 26th August – Intensity Increases (25th August is a new moon)

As you can see from the dates above, August will be up and down with the energy shifts and intensities coming through!  We will get some more energy downloads again this month, but they will be towards the middle and end of the month.

I am getting through from Spirit “Expect the unexpected this month!”  Spirit is showing me images of joy and happiness along with images of more craziness in the world, so it will be a very mixed month in terms of emotions!  Spirit are also saying “Roll with the punches”, so I feel that we do need to keep things in perspective this month and try as best we can to go with the flow!

The energy of August does contain all the ingredients to help keep us focused, motivated and committed to what we want to achieve for the future as the energy can help us realise our true potential, however, this will not come without some hard work from us!  We may need to dig deep during key periods this month to find the strength and power we all have inside of us to make sure we stay on track.  If we resist the changes that are coming thick and fast in our lives, we will find the continued energy shifts and downloads much harder to deal with.

The challenge we all face is to not to try and control how life unfolds, but to trust in the process through self-love and self-worth so that we become capable of surrender.  We all feel at times that our journey’s are incredibly hard and think why is it always so difficult?  When we view it this way the journey becomes harder still as we have not surrendered!  Surrendering to the outcome and leaving our expectations behind is the hard part not the journey itself!  All of us sometimes make our molehills into mountains and so the true challenge we face is being able to let go of our control, which is based on our fears.  Use the energies of August to help you let go, relax and allow life to do what it does best, which is flow.

I will also be writing little energy updates in-between my blogs on my Facebook page and you can also check out my attunement events here too.  The next one is 7th August and is the Unicorn Energy Healing System, so I hope to see you there.  Here is the link if you would like to be kept updated!  VIOLET-LIGHT

Until next time, have a blissful month.

Love Sarah ♥

2014 Energy Upgrade Attunement Event!!

I wanted to post about the next attunement event I am running as I thought a few of you may be interested as the attunement is one I have channelled called ‘2014 Energy Upgrade!”

I decided to start running attunement events to make them more affordable for everyone to get the energy they need!  This is a paid event, however you get to choose what you can afford!!  The normal price of this attunement on my site is £15, so a suggested payment for the event is £8, however this is entirely up to you as my main reason for running these is so everyone can join in!

All my events will be posted on my FB page, Violet-Light and also on my website under Attunement Events.  I will be running these at least once a month on a different attunement each time.


Here is what the attunement is all about and each year I will channel new energy to upgrade this attunement to help us all with the energetic changes happening.

I channelled the 2014 Energy Upgrade from the Light Continuum in January 2014.

The energy of Mother Earth changes frequently and 2014 is no exception! This is why I have been guided to channel a new attunement called 2014 Energy Upgrade.  This attunement helps us work with the new energies of 2014. The energy of 2014 is very different from previous years and Spirit are trying to help us navigate through these energies in the best possible way, hence this attunement. It is designed to help us with the following and will be upgraded each year:

~ Allows us to embrace the new energies more easily
~ Helps to open our Heart Chakra more fully
~ Strengthens our healing abilities
~ Increases the flow of light through our Crown Chakra
~ Strengthens and increases our protection

The energy is great for releasing old energies and embracing the higher vibrational frequencies thus facilitating further spiritual development.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love & Blessings


The Next Part of July 2014!

I felt guided to write another energy update for July as this is quite a pivotal month in 2014 for the new energies coming through, especially right now!

If you read my previous energy update,  I said that the energy will change again mid-way through July and the focus will become action-orientated, plus we may all feel like things are speeding up again!  This has certainly come true and a few days earlier than expected as the shift started on 11th July.

The new energy is swirling through and creating a bit of chaos in its wake!  Many of us feel like we need to make decisions right now and that everything is happening really fast!  The energy right now is very unbalanced, which makes us feel unbalanced too!  We may also feel like we are running out of time in some way!

The current changes are also making us feel restless, edgy and tired.  Things that were making us feel stressed before will also appear to be more stressful!  This energy is taking its toll on our emotional and physical bodies the most! 

The good news is that this will only last a few more days as the energy shifts in to a new state of being and becomes much more stable and balanced!  So breathe deep and find a way to relax so you can ride the waves.  Remember that this energy we are experiencing heightens everything, positive and negative, so your worries haven’t actually gotten any bigger they just feel that way!

We are also already experiencing some new energy downloads, so if you feel clearing symptoms coming on then this is probably the reason!  They are a bit like getting an attunement as we are each receiving a blast of intense energy!  If you are doing a lot of energy work on yourself right now (healing, attunements etc) don’t be surprised if you are not accepting all the energy as your body is probably too full to process & integrate any more.  Again this will ease over the next few days as we start to fully adjust.

The next part of July will still be intense and pushing us forward, but the chaotic feeling will diminish and we will feel that things become clearer in terms of what to do next.  The plans we have all made now can be actioned and the new energy will propel us forward and help us all do just that!

There will be a lot more happening over the coming months and I feel September is going to be particularly interesting!  More to come on this in my next energy update and what we can expect from August, which is a puzzling month at the moment, but this will become clearer once the current energies settle!

I also wanted to let you all know that I have set up a new FB page, called Violet-Light as I will be removing my old one, Lightworker Community in the next couple of months!  This is because I want my work, energy updates, attunement events and free healings (plus free healing meditations, which are coming soon!) to all be in one place!!

I will also be writing little energy updates in-between my blogs on this page too, so I hope to see you there.  Here is the link if you would like to be kept updated!  VIOLET-LIGHT

Until next time, have a blissful month.

Love Sarah ♥

Moving into the New Energy of 2014!

July sets the stage for the new energetic phase of 2014!  This month is all about transitioning from the old energies of the past few months into the new and taking action!

During June, we found ourselves preparing for what is to come, whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually!  I found June an interesting mix of energies and the back end was much more intense than the first part as I wrote in my previous update!  I found that for a few days during the last week of June I was more tired than normal due to the energy shift and my emotions were definitely heightened during this time!  I know many people who felt similar to me, as well as having upset stomachs and not being able to ground as well as normal.  These are just all part and parcel of moving into the new energy as our bodies were adjusting.

Today, 2nd July, Mercury turns direct, so any confusion we may have experienced over the last month should start to clear and by the middle of July, things will really begin to shift as it takes a while for things to back to normal after the Mercury retrograde!  As I said in my last update, we have a bit more time in July to continue our planning, so if you haven’t finished working out what YOU want to do, then relax as you have a few weeks left!

The energy shifted at the end of June and even though this may have been tough for many, the intensity has eased and now the energy is getting into a much more balanced flow.  This is helping us to relax a bit more and see solutions to our challenges more clearly.

The energy will change again mid-way through July and the focus will become action-orientated!  You may feel like things are speeding up again, but the overall energy will help us feel more positive and optimistic, which is great news after all we have been through this year!!

As we move into this new energetic phase, we are being asked by Spirit to make sure we balance our practical needs, such as money and security with our soul’s needs, such as passion, creativity and fun!  We are all being pushed forward and Spirit want as many people as possible to step into their full power over the next few months.  Even though the energy is becoming more positive, there is still a lot of other things happening in the world, which we need to understand and face so we can be prepared for what is to come.  The best way to be able to face anything (good or bad) is to find the power within.

We can only step into our power by understanding and accepting ourselves fully right in this moment.  This is a massive step that takes us closer towards loving ourselves unconditionally and completely.

Once we find the power within, we start to feel centred and calm.  Many of the challenges we face won’t seem as big any more as we will be able to see things from a new perspective.  I will be writing more about how to step into your power in further posts as I know a lot of you have questions about how to do this!

We will experience a few energy shifts this month and this will also bring more downloads as we get ready to enter the next phase of our journey!  It may feel like a confusing mix of energies to some and how we will ride the energetic waves will all depend on where we are within our own journey.

For example, if you used June to get creative, started to make plans and are looking at how to move into action this month, then you will probably find you will ride the waves smoothly and also start to feel much more positive and optimistic.  If on the other hand, you are still procrastinating, have not yet taken the time to understand what makes you happy and have made no plans, then I’m afraid July may make you feel even more stressed when the energy really starts to push us forward mid-month.

We will all be receiving energy downloads again this month like the ones we got earlier in the year, whether we are ready or not!  These downloads will give us much needed energy boosts and will also open our Chakras more fully.  So if your Chakras are out of balance, you may find you have a few clearing symptoms this month!

Things are moving fast and change is coming (again!!), there is no more time to wait and see how we feel, we are being asked to be ready now.

The question I want to leave you with you is this:

Do you want to be dragged under the waves OR do you want to ride the waves to shore?  We all have free will in choosing what we prefer, but these are the only options available right now as we will be experiencing the energy downloads whether we feel ready or not!  The choice is yours.  I know which way I prefer to travel!!

Face your fears now and understand what you really want from your life.  Don’t let YOU block YOUR OWN POWER!!

I wanted to end my update with this wonderful quote as this is the perfect advice for what we each need to do during July!  Act, dream, plan and believe in YOU!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”.

~ Anatole France ~

I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much I enjoy writing them!  If you would like to work with me on your own spiritual journey, then please contact me as I would love to hear from you and we can work together to see what is right for you for the next step of your path.  Please visit my contact page on my website by clicking here to send me a message.

Until next time, have a blissful month.

Love Sarah ♥

Prepare for Action!!

Whew!  The last few days of June have been tough energetically for many of us and have brought up bouts of clearing!  There are all sorts of things happening this month and I have been trying to get my head around it all so I can write about it!  There have been large solar flares, Mercury is in retrograde until the end of the month, the weather is going crazy again and we are in the midst of a powerful full moon!  So it is not surprising that we are feeling a bit frazzled by June already!

I wanted to talk about how our bodies are handling the current energies as I have had a number of questions on why people are feeling so blocked when they feel ready to move forward.  I feel this ties in to the overall energies of 2014 and beyond, so here are my thoughts on this!

We are made up of 4 different types of bodies, mental, emotional, spiritual and of course physical. As we work on releasing our baggage and healing ourselves we either work on one specific body or a few of them together.  We don’t normally work on all 4 at the same time as this is very hard to do. This is where the clearing comes in!  All of our bodies need to shift so they can work at the same energetic level.  Therefore, if we have focused our time on healing our emotional body, then the mental, spiritual and physical need to catch up!  The spiritual body is normally the one in front, so to speak, as this is linked much more to our higher self than the others, so this is the one that is normally saying, ‘Come on, let’s move forward!’  Our other bodies sometimes say ‘No thanks, I want to take a break right now and this is where the clearing comes in! 

The parts of us that don’t want to move forward can also hinder our progression in other ways, such as receiving attunements fully.  I have had this happen to me, where I have felt completely ready to do an attunement, but I only got part of it because all my bodies have not been ready to receive, so all of the energy has not been able to go through!  This is common and should not be a cause for concern.  Most of us have this happen at some point.  The best thing to do is accept that you received the energy you needed in that moment, work with your teacher on why this has happened and then when you are ready take the rest of the energy from the attunement.

This is why the energy feels so hard sometimes compared to previous years, when one of our bodies said ‘No thanks, I’m not ready yet’, then we would get a chance to slow down.  However, now there are no breaks, if one body is ready to move forward then all of them need to do the same as there can’t be any separation.  This is why it is so important to listen to what your body needs and try to answer its call.  This is an important part of understanding June’s energies and the rest of 2014.  Our bodies are getting prepared and we need to do the same this month!

June is about being prepared for what is to come, which follows on from May nicely. However, June’s focus is much more about what we need to do next compared to May’s focus on what has been happening and how we coped.

June is a power month and I see it being split into two parts energetically.  We are still in the first part, which is all about understanding where we fit!  This is the time to prepare and get a plan of action together about what we are going to do in the coming months.

Mercury retrograde tends to bring up any old stuff we haven’t finished dealing with, plus has a way of showing us the truth!  Part of me thinks May and June are the wrong way round as May was all about understanding what has happened so we can move forward, whereas June is about planning to move forward from what we have learnt.  Yet even though that should be our focus, Mercury will bring up anything we still haven’t dealt with, so we are in a bit of a catch 22!  We need to watch out that we don’t get sidetracked by our emotions this month as the current energies and planetary alignments may bring up some anger and sadness!

June is the time to work out what it is we want to do, so this is kind of a ‘me’ month!! I know there is a lot happening with the planets and the world, but we need to put ourselves as the focal point and make choices and decisions on what is best for us right now.  Get your creative hat on and think about all those dreams you still have!  What do you want?  Where do you want to be?  What do you want to be doing?  Get the ideas flowing and start thinking about the ‘how do I do this’ part!  There is no hiding from this as once we get into July, we will need to start making those decisions and choices, so it is best to start getting our ideas down on paper so we have a plan of action!  We will get a bit of time at the start of July to continue to work on this, but July is going to be much more about ‘the doing.’

We can still start the ‘doing’ this month if we feel ready and you can see that I have started my own ‘doing’ by changing the overall look and feel of my blog!  It is a small part of my overall plan, which I haven’t finished writing yet, but I feel like I needed to bring in new fresh energy to my work and writing, so another thing I have done is add new services to my website after having a creative brainstorm about what I love most and how else I can help others!  These are small changes, but they are all part of the bigger plan.  We can all dream big, but then it can all fall flat when we can’t see the first step!  So think about your big ideas and then work back from there about how you are going to achieve them, then start changing the small things first and work your way up.

There will of course be things that come up for us, thanks in part to Mercury, so take the time to work through any old stuff that rears its head as this needs to be faced head on and will help you move forward massively!

The energy will change towards the back end of June and I feel this is going to be very different from the first part.  I am getting the message that, the world we know is turning and doing so dramatically!  There will be more demonstrations and unrest as we move further into 2014,  especially around South America.  Weather will become more of an ‘event’ as we go forward into the coming months, so we need to be prepared for the world changes as well as our own.

Therefore, it is important to make sure we use our time wisely to focus on us when we get the opportunity because once the energy changes we will likely be too caught up in what is happening in the world rather than keeping our focus on us!

I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much I enjoy writing them!  If you would like to work with me on your own spiritual journey, then please contact me as I would love to hear from you and we can work together to see what is right for you for the next step of your path.  Please visit my contact page on my website by clicking here to send me a message.

Until next time, have a blissful month.

Love Sarah ♥